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Recent content by Thelionheart

  1. Thelionheart

    RS Constructive Feedback On The Recently Implemented Changes to The Bullet Impact Sounds

    I noticed in the latest patch that bullet impact sounds were made slightly louder. I was skeptical at first, thinking that I was hearing something I was not, so I asked DrGuppy in game (a Tripwire employee) and he confirmed that the bullet impact sounds indeed were changed last patch. The...
  2. Thelionheart

    Looking Into Mapping, Am I Planning Alright?

    So I'm thinking about learning how to map, and before I start something generally I like to get my general idea down on paper (or in this case, a little mockup). My general idea behind this map is to have allies attacking German positions in a heavily defended and dense forest with bunkers and...
  3. Thelionheart

    Increase Volume of the Sound of Bullets Hitting Nearby Terrain

    In the thread suggesting that the suppression mechanics should be removed a suggestion was proposed that the volume of the sound of bullets hitting objects near the player should be increased so that sound is also a significant part of the suppression mechanics. I think this is a really good...
  4. Thelionheart

    Western Front

    Recently I've been wondering what will happen to the modding scene once Rising Storm is released. What immediately sprung to my head as a possibility (but more likely just a hope) was the beginning of a western front mod. Seeing as the Americans will be in Rising Storm and the Germans already...