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  • Question like that : I see on the forum that you are very active on the modding side, and I'd like to start animating some weapons. Is there any tutorial to animate a weapon and importing it in-game ? I know how to make the animation in 3DS Max, but don't know the rig used by killing floor. Thanks.
    used MilkShape3D a few times & it's reallty handy but I'd much rather Maya because after all I have a good amount of knowledge of what I want & need to do on there ;)
    Try using Milkshape 3d u can export any files as PSK and PSA (UnrealEngine2 raw animation and model files)
    If you pm me, I'll see what I can do about the hammer texture and getting it in-game! Also If you don't mind, I'd like to chat with you!
    High quality work I can do a high quality animation depending on the time I spend working on it.
    & when the first wave of the contest is over I could use some help with Blender because I finished an animation for Z3RO's weapon but I don't have the propper Animation Exporting tools as in no good formats.
    anyway I wanted to make a mod & I was hoping u could join because it is a pretty good one & I'll need help converting Vehicles from mods from UT2004 & animating new weapons + Scripting them and making this Huge map which I have allready started & I could use a hand with it.

    if u want to know all of the Details of the mod tell me & I will send a little Text Document that I have made which will tell u
    I don't know much about Maya i tend to use 3dsMax when I'm not using blender but my guess would be no u don't need a joint just a parent bone for the others to branch off of.
    At the moment I've been putting all my free time into the map I will be submitting for the first wave. So I'm sad to say the mutator hasn't progressed much.
    As for help with animating. I wouldn't mind a hand with some of these models. Animation and UVMaping are the two most time consuming jobs at the moment.
    I would like to see your animations before we get into this more though. I won't be available until the first wave of the contest is over and even then my time spent on this project will be pretty tight in the following months.
    If we do end up working on this together I will to the best of my ability assist you with blender. I already have a team but we're working on multiple projects so I am the only one paying attention to KF and could use help but I am interested in only high quality work.
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