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    Vault Crates

    Another thing, can we PLEASE do away with the bloody loooong trader animation every time you want to get rid of something. I've got so much useless crap from crates that I don't bother to recycle because its a real PITA (yes even for duplicates - there's no option to delete ALL of something).
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    Will you be getting the new weapons DLC? Poll

    If TWI released like 10 new weapons for a $10 DLC, I'd definitely purchase it. But $10 each? hell no. Not just that but a lot of new weapons that TWI create aren't that good, or get nerfed too much and I end up just using the stock standard ones. As it is though, no thank you.
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    Suggestions for RS2

    In no particular order, here's a list of things I think would really benefit RS2 and enhance its playability: 1. offline or COOP mode vs bots - similar to ARMA3. We now have the BEST authentic Vietnam FPS and I would love to be able to do SP or coop missions with mates eg. - search & destroy -...
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    Please review the whole uniform customisation system

    its bad enough that you allow soldiers to run around from both sides essentially looking like each other, but now when playing ARVN v NVA, you actually have BOTH sides wearing almost the same camo. WTF is with that?? in a game which is played at close quarters (yes even in the jungle) with FF...
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    So umm...when will Summer Sideshow be over?

    so i can hopefully be rid of EDARs and the weapon upgrade system. It IS going away as part of the Summer sideshow right? Pls say so!
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    RS2 with bots

    Hi guys will we ever get bots added to servers? It was great to have bots fill out servers on the original RS esp when numbers were low. There are some really excellent jungle maps that I'd love to play against bots (eg. simulating waves of VC/NVA attacking a firebase say).
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    Would love more Aussie focused maps

    The Aussie DLC has resulted in a big increase in player numbers here in Aust with about 3 or 4 64 player servers constantly full!! Then when you go ingame, the player numbers stop as everyone spams trying to play on the Aussie side! lol...great to see. I know its early days but am loving this...
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    Request: Pls remove ability to go bare chested for US

    I've found players are starting to run around without helmets (on US side) or shirts thereby looking like VC - this allows them to get the jump on the PAVN soldiers who look twice before shooting. If they happen to get shot by their own side, they will then punish them as well. Its a cheat and...
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    M16 - too quiet

    The sound of the M16 firing in game is way too soft - the sound of the rifle shot tends to make you 'feel' the power of the actual slug being fired. Seems to be fine with the AK.
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    How do i purchase the chicken suit?

    I've tried going into the store ingame, selected the chicken suit, selected Buy or whatever...and nothing. I click the button a few times and nothing happens. Am I doing something wrong? I've never purchased anything from the game before but I assumed it would link to steam, etc.
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    I know a lot has been said about the Survivalist perk so I decided to try my hand at it. I'm now at Level 24 and I can honestly say, I now understand what the purpose of the Survivalist is and I will liken it to the 'Allrounder' role in cricket ie. someone who isn't a specialist batsman or...
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    Why is the medic SMG useless?

    I've been playing medic recently and enjoying it however I've found the tier 2 medic SMG is friggin useless. This becomes more telling when playing on SUI and HOE when you spend most of your time running around not shooting because you can't kill anything. Yes i know the medic's role is to heal...
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    Can I replace the AR15?

    I'll be honest, of all the weapons on the game, the AR15 model is the ugliest, esp the straight magazine. Surely TWI has seen what most assault rifles use IRL ie. curved mags. So is there a mod or something that can replace the model ingame? eg. to an M16 or something.
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    Commando - thank you TWI

    Just wanted to say thank you TWI for the Stoner LMG being added to the Commando class - yes i know a few months ago but i've only really started using it. Now its really helping me support the team with sustained 3 round bursts (otherwise recoil is too high which is fair enough).
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    Zed behaviour on new map

    Hi guys, I've noticed that the zed behaviour has really been changed on the new sideshow map, but to the detriment. I've played about 10 games for both Hard and Suicidal and not once have we completed past level 9. Stuff like coordinated attacks where you KNOW there will be either a crawler or...