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  1. THD

    [Error] Severe performance drop since 9/23 patch.

    My performance on smaller servers has decreased severely since 9/23 patch, for example instead of 90-100 fps on most maps with 12 players, I'm now getting 40-60 even on maps like apartments (which was a very well performing map all the time, with stable 120+ fps all the time). Big servers stayed...
  2. THD

    [Error] Misaligning mosin nagant sights.

    Category: code/animation Reproducibility: always, the severity changes from time to time though. Description: Load a map, select any role which has a mosin nagant rifle available. I don't know if bayonet or leveling in general makes a difference, but just in case my rifle level is 50 and...
  3. THD

    [How Do I?] Change sound volume from console.

    The title says it. I wonder what the console command for changing sound effects volume is.
  4. THD

    Is this some kind of a joke?

    In the latest patch we no longer have the zoom scale sliders for adjusting ironsight zoom, moreover the fov is now only adjustable from 70 to 75, which is so narrow it may give motion sickness to some players. Why remove a good feature which was already well implemented, and that nobody...
  5. THD

    TWI, make separate binds for cover and use.

    This has been said many times already, but tbh in this case a few more times isn't too many. We need separate keys for cover and use. Atm they are, and cover takes priority over use, which makes it impossible to: pick up weapons next to a wall resupply gunners next to a wall bandage next to a...
  6. THD

    [Error] Ironsight misalignment bug, with reproduction <---

    Category: code/animation Description: bullet does not go where ironsights point, but closer to center of screen. This happens when sliders for ironsight zoom scaling have been adjusted to positions other than 1 (obviously it happens with those weapons for which the sliders have been adjusted)...
  7. THD

    [Error] Ironsights misaligned when not using shift zoom.

    Category: code/animation Description: bullets don't go where ironsights point on rifle weapons when only ironsight zoom is used. When shift zoom is used, it is always accurate. Has been tested carefully to make sure human error wasn't involved (that means it wasn't supposed to miss). May be...