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  • Hi man, watup! man, I just have to tell you how sick your map Hell is... ****sakes son! I'm 42 and am a programmer and have played FPS games since there were FPS games- on dial up modems, LOL... You win the award from me though... You're the GOAT. Please let me know where i can DL this, I've been scouring the forums and can't find the new working link... i'll keep trying. Take care and I hope every little thing is A-OK in your world. Peace! Bill
    Whats up man :)

    We had a blast while testing KF-Hell and you sure is a good mapper.So I'm just wondering if you still have plans for KF. Take care :3
    Having worked on a similar theme, here is a wall sconce I made over 4 years ago: Sconce (if video doesn't play, use TechSmith codec). The sconce files could be updated for this project only if the Alpha prove worthwhile of time (which there is little to spare these days).
    It's a bold request asking for artists to submit assets to a project that could be a dud of a map and a waist of their time. If the gameplay is great, then I would think there would be some interest of community artists to invest into your project. Get your aplhas out and test the hell out of it (no pun intended) and damn the graphics for the time being. Alphas are "Plain Jane" builds with weapon/ammo placement, pathnodes, and a "white box" approach to BSPs (little to no graphics). Once all alpha testing is completed and the gameplay is solid, turn to the call for graphic assistance and keep your theme consistent.
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