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  1. Swanky

    Impressions from the free weekend

    So with the influx of new players this weekend TWI is bound to get some new insights in their game. How are new people reacting, playing? What choices do they make? I am one of those new players, and even though I was mostly playing on normal difficulty servers, I do have some experiences to...
  2. Swanky


    So here it is... Version 1.1 \o/ Download KF-OldCity (ModDB) Download KF-OldCity (Steam Workshop) Old City is a medium sized map with a London setting with Steampunk influences. Like previous releases, the layout is a serious of streets, alleys and indoor sceneries with multiple floors and...
  3. Swanky

    Specimen ingame Spawning Check?

    I'm sure there is an ingame command to see these neat red and green boxes inside of volumes that show if and how many specimen can spawn in a volume at a time. I know of the regular commands, but this checking command in particular seems to be lost as I cannot find it either here nor anywhere on...
  4. Swanky


    Ok... here we go. KF-OldCity beta 1... Took me long enough and now I'm really feeling exhausted because I pushed myself so much to finally get it out the door and off my desk. Everything should be working though not everything is finalized. Will do that in the coming days. During my runs...
  5. Swanky

    [WIP] KF-OldTown

    At this point I could probably write about what I want to do with this map and stuff, but maybe it'd be wiser to just show off something: If you think that this looks like a brick-themed nightmare, you're probably right. Narrow passages, lots of bricks, some indoor action, twisting ways, a...
  6. Swanky


    This map gets amped to V1.0 status! Whooo! First official release! ... ... I hate writing official release threads... -.- Download KF-Corruption (Filefront) Download KF-Corruption (Fair-Gamers Community) Download KF-Corruption (Moddb) Anyway, KF-Corruption is a new take upon Killing Floor, a...
  7. Swanky


    Finally I've gotten this one out the door. KF-Corruption is medium sized map with a new and thus quite unique setting, including new textures from various artists (almost a dozen sources where used - check the readme file!) and new music by Xenogenocide. However, the map itself needs some...
  8. Swanky

    mylevelling music

    Okay long story short I wanted to mylevel a custom music track and hit a couple of walls, now I am searching a way out this dead end. A while back I got permission from a talented british musician to use one of his tracks for my KF map, but I don't want it to be available to the masses so I was...
  9. Swanky

    Wip - kf-bsp

    Don't matter the name, it's just a working title. It will most likely be changed later. Yet it fits; be in shock and awe. This map will be in progress for a few more months I suppose, I already poured fifty hours minimum into this project. What you can see is BSP-only, a few mesh-made brushes...
  10. Swanky

    The Good-Experiences / Good-Times Thread

    Just came to my mind after a really nice round of normal ZED slaying with five or six people from around Europe as it seemed. Share your positive recent experiences, laughs or your all-time favourites. Just don't rant (or rant about the rant, that is). Anyway, just went on an unknown public...
  11. Swanky

    A different view on the Ball

    I remember I had concerns about the Ball pricing. Well. Now that I bought and finished the Ball, I made up my opinion. The Ball isn't the newest nor the freshest thing on the market, yet it breathes some fresh ideas on the Puzzle genre, First Person Puzzler, to be exact. The very first cutscene...
  12. Swanky

    The Ball Pricing

    I just read this over at BeyondUnreal. I really do believe you guys can deliver a great experience, but after what I've heard, 19,99
  13. Swanky

    [Suggestion] The Mad Doc

    Got a new character idea... got it while rereading some older comics of mine, but would fit right in. Suit yourself: Doc Soules: Imagine this man as Mister Nice Guy, the guy next door believing in God. However, good things have a tendency to become nasty somewhere down the road. His job at...
  14. Swanky


    Jepp. There it is. After like 2 weeks in beta phase (which is long for my terms), here is the official first full release of KF-Constriction. Here you can find the latest version of Constriction (updated as per September 30th, 2011) Download KF-Constriction V1.05 @ HLDS Download KF-Constriction...
  15. Swanky

    KF-Constriction Beta 1

    UPDATE! BETA 2 IS OUT! Hello aaaand good morning Ladys and Gentlemeen.... Ahem... well I suppose I don't need to be as dramatic, nevertheless I present you KF-Constriction (beta). While not new to UnrealEngine, I am new to KF mapping, so this is my first official Killing Floor map. That's...