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Recent content by Support

  1. Support

    Glock 18 & Riot Shield usefullness

    You don't realize how OP is 60% damage reduction.
  2. Support

    2019 Feedback

    Hi there, Just a quick feedback on some stuff added last year. * Really like the new maps, they are the best of the best maps of the game so far (Ashwood Asylum, Steam Fortress, Spillway, Sanitarium). They fit the game play perfectly. Still waiting for some vertical maps. Some have z-axis...
  3. Support

    Survivalist ultimate rework

    Hello there! This is my final Survivalist rework. Considering he does less damage with any weapons he could have decreased recoil, an extended carrying capacity and more ammo which is exactly what you guys did. Here is a rework proposition to go further in the same direction : 1 - Change the...
  4. Support

    Mapping bugs, Chat bug and M16 grenade reload

    Hello TWI, 1 - Whenever you chat very often your chat message won't display at all, you have to type multiple times until the message is sent. This happens in lobby and in game. It has nothing to do with chat delay. In order to not not lose your message the best is to use the SAY command in the...
  5. Support

    HoE and Dosh

    But that method is less practical and also the dosh spreys rather than go out at the same spot.
  6. Support

    HoE and Dosh

    Hello there, Rather than giving very little money to players joining i would rather have a system tracking players server side to prevent the old Quit/Join abuse that we had in KF1. Currently it's a bit painful to see 3+ players joining at last waves when you play HoE. Also it's not possible...
  7. Support

    Give Zerk some love (tweak)

    In KF1 we would need to run to survive as Zerk and it was requiring massive skills. In KF2 you can't argue against the fact that 2 zerk + 1 medic = zzz can you? ;)
  8. Support

    Give Zerk some love (tweak)

    Zerk has been too easy since the beta of the game, I think it's time the fun Berserker class gets a good update, crafted with love and challenge in mind. I know it's hard to balance melee characters in any shooting games but many good ideas have been given since the start of this game. KF2's...
  9. Support

    Forum bug

    Hello Tripwire staff, I made my first thread today on this forum in the Ideas and suggestions subforum titled "Survivalist fix" but the thread is not appearing. My profile also mention no thraeds posted. What could be going on? Thank you and good luck.