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    Alright everyone! Been a while since I've played this game but whatever. I have a bunch of weapons made but as some of you may know from my last attempt to do a weapon mod (i highly doubt anyone remembers who i am), i know absolutly nothing about programing in the unreal engine and have no...
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    Hi everyone, I've been working on a mutator that will bring more weapons right now its pretty rough as the only gun is an AK-47 which is currently shooting a bullet every .0001 seconds and has a 300 round clip but i just thought i would see what people thought about something like this and if...
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    Compile Help

    Ok, so my problem is that when i use the cmd to compile with ucc make it dosn't seem to make any changes. While i was looking for a solution i came across something that said i needed to unchache but i'm not sure how to go about doing this or even if its the problem. At the moment i'm...
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    Okay, so here is my first map, its kind of small but still fun. Because it is such a small map there is only one trader location. There are 2 random weapon spawns upstairs as well as better defend points. If there is enough interest more will be made so please comment on things that should be...