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    Map Lists Reset

    Hello, I've been having this strange problem ever-since Hillbilly Horror update 1 went live, sometimes I notice that the Map Lists seems to revert back to an original form, possibly prior to the update. Is there any reason for that, or a fix? Let's say I add KF-HillbillyHorror to the rotation...
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    Random Lags/Connection Losses

    Been getting this for the past several minutes, is something wrong with my game, connection, the server? I'm playing normally, than my ping instantly jumps to the 200ed mark, then either I'm hearing noises, but everything keeps running into walls. Just started happening with no explanation...
  3. starxpilot

    Weird "Lag"

    While playing some KF on a server, I tend to notice I'm starting to "lag", in terms of not server connection (I hope) or Ping but something else. I run/walk VERY slowly, everyone around me says I look odd...but I can't find the reason for it. Using F7 however brought up something interesting...
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    Map Name issue

    Having a strange issue with maps loaded on my server, not sure if this goes in support or Level Design. When voting for a map, lets say..KF-Downtown. Its voted, and the server changes maps...yet we end up going to KF-Downtown_Derelict. Happened again last night, voted for KF-Castle...ended up...
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    What are the names of the new Z.E.D.s?

    I'm lost, and the wiki is useless, anyone got the list of names of the new Z.E.D.s? I really can't tell what to call some of them. I know there's the Sword Swallower, the Incredible Man Monkey.... Halp.:confused:
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    [Game] Halo

    Yup. It happened again D: Rumors came to life, there will be a Remake..and to be honest, from the trailer, not quite what I was expecting. What I didn't expect. *Although I'm told I should have...* was this. To be honest, I'm...
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    [Game] Space Marine

    Anyone pre-order yet? I plan to very soon, the Steam special is something that really needs at least a look at.
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    Any maps from Wolfenstien? (Apart from the Wolf 3D map) (Not sure if this is the place to ask but since we have a Duke Nukem map...*that sadly doesn't work*, anyone planning a Wolf map?)
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    [Game] Witchhunt to replace Mice

    Not sure if this would go here or in the Games section but seeing as Games is just software, what about hardware? Help me out here, someone! I'm getting sick of my mouse, I'm about to eat it, srsly...its a genetic Ativa™ USB Optical Mouse = Item #: 611405. Got it after school was...
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    Region Question

    If one were to try to get the best ping possible for a server for typically North America, the server would probably be located in a Central area for both east and west sides to get reasonable pings correct? If this is true, what is a good location I could set up shop in the EU that would get...
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    Recently asked a question, but I'll ask it here since I don't think people see it in Level Design, are there any specific settings I have to put when putting Mission-based maps in the rotation? (Last time I saw a Whitelisted server that had pure WBed maps, the mission map it had broke the...
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    Error Updating Server

    What does this mean? ???
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    Weird Maplist Bug

    A strange thing is going on in my server, whenever I modify the Maplist via Web Admin, I see that people are still able to vote for maps that aren't even ON the rotation. Current Map: Cabin[WB], in-case you can't tell what those alts are, and that's normal, happens on my other server too, must...
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    I'm seeing .ROM in the map selection?

    My good friend here took a picture of an odd appearance on the Map Selection menu on my Beginner server, I'm not sure I'm supposed to be seeing the .ROm at the end. Is this normal? I'm sure the server is updated, hence Aperture is in there. Server is on Beginner, Long, all whitelisted, no...
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    Searching for an offline player

    Is this possible? I'm trying to search for someone on Steam but all I got was their nickname which GameTracker was able to pull off of my server. I've searched the name on the Steam Community and doesn't get any results. Is there any other way I could pull the ID or would it have to be that...