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    Game unavailable?

    Nevermind, problem with Steam updating ...
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    Ok, THIS bug takes the cake!

    This one was just fabulous on Red October Factory today. I select axis side and choose assault, not bothering to look at the weapon, since it defaults to the allmighty Mkb42(h). Well, I spawn, run to a defensive area, take aim, and realize that I'm carrying an AVT! So, I tabbed to check what...
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    Please fix the sound already!

    I never had the sound bug until the last patch hit. Now, every third time or so I log on, I completely lose my sound. I just got in a game at the end, wait it out, wait for the new map to load, an ... argh .... "POP!" in my headphones. Sure enough, game starts, sound is completely out and I...
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    There as to be a FAIR way!

    Why is it that the game rewards those with the fastest connections by letting them get connected to the server first, then have their pick of teams (always German), then their pick of the class slots (always assault & elite rifleman). The guys with slower connections -- yes, like me -- finally...
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    Hit Detection Now Seems Much Improved!

    lol, that lasted 1 day, please delete.
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    Hit Detection Still Off

    I've played (without messing with ANY settings since the new patch) one game (Pavlov's House) in the new version. At the first opportunity of catching an enemy asleep at 5 feet away, I raised my semi-auto rifle, aimed right at the center of his chest, and pumped 4 rounds into him. Not a...