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Recent content by SrPollo

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    Grim Treatments Hotfix 1087 is live.

    Is that what this is? I'm seeing this scrolling in the command window of my server , about one a second; [0132.72] ScriptLog: (TW ZOMBIE SERVER LOG) KFGameInfo: PendingMatch.Timer - bDelayedStart: True
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    Summer Update Second Beta Changelog

    I'm with you on this. So what we (my group of steam friends) do is to put up our own servers. There's a handy mod that kicks players below a configurable perk level. We use another to raise the difficulty by allowing more zeds on the map at one time. We typically run them as 12 player servers...
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    Using more than one CPU/Core

    Windows 7 PC with an old I-7. Kf2server uses one core and when that core is ~90% the system lags. Is there a way to get it to use more than one core? I was wondering if loading a Virtual server product on the PC and running the KF2 server in a VM would spread the load across all of the cores.
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    A PSA from your medics.

    A thread for helping the medics help you. Hopefully other medics will make comments here as well. I don't claim to be great medic so I will make my comments and welcome those of others. As a medic my job as I see it is to keep the team alive. I
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    Why we vote kicked you

    A thread for discussing for vote kicking. Those who kick and get kicked. I