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Recent content by Spicy

  1. Spicy

    The All-Inclusive "Axemas" 2012 Complaining Thread!

    There. This way we won't have 50 different threads complaining about every single aspect of the event. (But don't let me stop you. :P ) For the record, I actually like this update. The Zerker weapon price increases were nice. Depending on how you spawn, maybe you have your whole loadout on wave...
  2. Spicy

    Future Female Character Ideas?

    What the hell, why not? Now that we'll have a female playable character incoming, what archetypes would you like to see either from modders or in future DLC? I feel like "sexy nurse" would be high on some people's lists for playing as Medic. ^___^ I'm interested to see what people come up with.
  3. Spicy

    .44 Magnums acting weird for anyone else?

    I was just playing around on the test map and I noticed something a bit off with the .44 magnum's weight. When you highlight it for purchase in the shop it shows the weight as 2 blocks, which it normal. However, when I buy it the weight becomes 4 blocks once it's in my inventory. And the...
  4. Spicy

    New Character Bio's D:

    Noticed these a few minutes ago. Agent Wilkes: Imma monkey fightin killin machine up in this monday through friday place. Baddest Santa: If you can read this, you're probably an achievement whore. Just sayin'. Captain Wiggins: What's old, British and farts a lot? Chopper Harris: Two world...