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  1. Spartan1388

    Merchandise Ideas

    In my opinion the TWI store is missing essential merchandise. Have I mentioned the stuffed Fleshpound? I know I did, but I mean as a merchandise suggestion. Anyway. What would be really awesome is...
  2. Spartan1388

    0 - No servers after Summer Update.

    Two hours before the update everything was fine. Three hours later, I start the game, try to connect, and nothing. Zero servers. I try to connect manually, but the game stucks at loading the index.rom Games also says that it cannot connect to "news server". Playing Solo works.
  3. Spartan1388

    Victory for Team Realism?

    Killing Floor II smells like victory for Team Realism! Good to see that all of our suggestions and pages upon pages of text did not gone to waste! Now it is time for Team Realism be summoned and discuss. Alright, we got Paris instead of America, but I see what they did here. Paris is the city...
  4. Spartan1388

    FP on steroids!

    Every time an FP spawns, there is a, let's say, 5% chance, that it will be spawned as bigger, stronger and angrier than the regular FPs. This FP will come enraged, grinding anything in front of it, ZED or human, to death and it will stay enraged. AFTER it loses 75% of health. A couple seconds...
  5. Spartan1388


    Bring back the potato achievement in the upcoming Christmas event. I though it was going to stay, because it was under a new tab at the trader, but now the damn potato is gone. Come one, it is just a little potato... :(
  6. Spartan1388

    KF - RS Content Suggestion

    Firstly, i am not suggesting this to be done right now, but rather sometime in the future. I had the chance to use the RS Tommy-gun during the F2P RS Beta preview week, and as i had speculated, it is indeed a good gun. I really want to get RS, but it is my taste to buy the retail versions of...
  7. Spartan1388

    KF Full of Problems !!!

    Many problems since yesterday night. *Players hold invisible weapons. *Some weapons have no sound. *Some weapon have no firring effects. *Maps are blocked by objects like doors that are out of place. *Lag even with low ping (60-90) that before a couple days would not be a problem and the...
  8. Spartan1388

    Event Idea: Demons

    I was playing Solo in a Doom themed map, and i had this idea. We have a difficulty that is called "Hell on Earth", we have achievements like "Demon Farmer", so why not a Demon Themed Event? The Patriarch will have big Horns and everything, and all ZEDs will be Demon-like and "scary", they...
  9. Spartan1388

    When someone has an aneurysm, drop their wallet.

    When a player disconnects, code it so that they will drop a "wallet" containing their money. Why? Because some people have connection problems and they disconnect without wanting to, and the team loses money they would have if not for connection problems. Also, if someone joins by accident...
  10. Spartan1388

    British Weapons Pack

    Alright, this is about adding more weapons, not about realism and such things, so i will not mention anything about weight and stats and everything else and i will let it 100% up to TWI. After the pack presentation, there are other micro-suggestions that can be added, for a DLC to be...
  11. Spartan1388

    First Impressions

    Let me make that clear, i got Dwarfs!? F2P Just to get the "Not a Warhammer" achievement, to get the "Gimli That Axe" achievement in Killing Floor. (Hmm... 40K gold to get the "Not a Warhammer"... Is this a reference to Warhammer 40K? Obviously "Gimli That Axe" is a reference to Lord Of The...