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  1. SoNiCbOoM321

    When's the next update?

    Like the title asks when is the update coming, I am guessing within the next week or two.
  2. SoNiCbOoM321

    Aesthetic Unlocks

    I have the Kar 98 to level 50 and after I got, and used the Kar without the front sight hood I can't pick another role I love to use rifleman now. So that brings up a thought will things like this go away. what I thought of was a minimal amount of weapon customization or keep unlocks like...
  3. SoNiCbOoM321

    Stamina/Running Speed

    With classic mode being put into the beta and what seems to be many good reviews, there is one thing that seems to make everyone scratch their heads. The running speed / stamina, to me stamina seems to run out to quickly, and I feel like a 500lb lug when I run 20 m slowly. I've thought of...
  4. SoNiCbOoM321

    Hey to anyone that's interested found a new mod

    I was looking for the America vs Japanese mod(forgot the name) but i stumbled across a mod called in country Vietnam looks great and should be fun here's a link
  5. SoNiCbOoM321


    I just played the first mission and i can't say i'm a fan of SP what does everybody else think?