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    How to make M4 the best shotgun in the game.

    Ditch the original reload animation and replace it with this: This will improve the reload speed massively and give it a marked advantage over the starting shotgun.
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    HOW TO: Binding Syringe and Welder into separate keys.

    Many of you might find it a bit infuriating to be in a hurry to weld a door and end up with the syringe in your hand because of either pressing "5" key too many times or keyboard not registering it properly. Fear not, my partner found a way to remedy this problem and bind them into separate...
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    Firebug and grenade launchers...

    I am not sure if this has been discussed here before, but if it has, my apologies. Since the last updates, I have noticed the Firebug really doesn't get any new toys to play with, where there has been a new perk and a lot of new weapons for other classes. Firebug gets incendiary hand grenades...
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    Bad performance since new update

    Not this is strange... Not this is strange... I have had problems playing the game since the update. I haven't got shadows OR AA on, but the game performance has degraded to something unplayable. Also, a lot of my friends kept on getting a lot of Critical errors on their Vista machines. The...
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    Trader menu, fill ammo / sell weapon change suggestion.

    I would like to see some changes to trader menu, because all too many times I have accidentally sold the weapon I just refilled the ammunition for because of my overly twitchy fingertips. :( Right now, the "Fill ammo for selected weapon" fills the ammunition for the weapon, but then it changes...