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    The funniest video I've ever seen

    Dunno if this is old or not but oh well.
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    So I just broke up

    Like the title says, I broke up with a girlfriend of 3 1/2 years and really need other people to recognize that it was the right move so I don't second-guess myself. I go to college with this girl, and we see each other everyday. So I figured that over christmas break it'd be ok for us to not...
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    Lowest Budget Upgrade Ever

    Ok so my brother is getting to spend $200 for his birthday and wants to upgrade his computer. He has an incredibly slow comp as-is, and I'm trying to upgrade JUST what he needs to run HL2, WoW, RO, and CoD2 on mid-low specs. His current comp specs (that I'm upgrading): Processor - AMD...
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    V to da A to da D E R! (NSFW)

    This is awesome for us Star Wars nerds.
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    What you know about math? Gotta love youtube. :D
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    Somebody has...

    A new version of software! Updates after installation.
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    Hard drive questions

    OK, so I just found out in my Computer Science class that I'm going to have to learn Linux, have quizes over it, etc. So, I am planning on installing Fedora Core (the build our school uses). I have a master (C: ) drive with 60 gigs of space and another slave (H: ) drive with 320 gigs of...
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    Every game but source/goldsource lags!

    Hey I thought I'd post in here due to a strange problem I've been having at college. EVERY multiplayer game I own lags too much to be played at college, with the exception of Source and Goldsource engine games (I've tested CS, CS:S, DoD, DoD:S, and PVKII). Now another thing that is strange is...
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    To all who have worked...

    at a best buy, gamestop, or guitar center, I have questions for you! I HATE my current job with a passion (grocery store cashier) because it is so boring. I hate having such a repetitive, mindless job. I also hated my past jobs, (Quizno's and distribution warehouse), but not nearly as much as...
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    PVK II Released!

    I know I made a thread for the upcoming release of PVKII, but I figured this was big enough news to warrant a new thread. PVKII is now released, and is the highest quality mod by far that I've seen for HL2. Finally, it's a game that doesn't feel "sourcy." The player models are quality, too...
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    Pirates Vikings and Knight 2!

    So PVK 2 is soon to be released, before the end of the year, apparently. It looks impressive. A quality HL2 mod perhaps? Gotta love the IS shot. ;)
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    Game suggestion help

    Hey everybody, I've been looking at getting a new FPS with my latest check, and was looking at BF2142 or HL2: Episode One. BF2142 is what I'm looking into more at this point, purely for the multiplayer replayability aspect. Any suggestions or other games?
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    Recommend Me...

    A strategy game! I have been looking at getting back into strats for awhile now, and need a suggestion of a good, fun, popular multiplayer RTS. Now, I am looking for a traditional RTS. Something like Warhammer 40k, C&C, Warcraft, AoE, etc. Which one is very fun to play online, not impossible...
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    Double Jointed

    This kid made me sick.
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    Programming Woes...

    Alright, I need help from anyone who has taught themselves Java, or had a similar problem to mine. I am in an engineering school, focusing on Software Engineering as my major. I chose the field because 1) it's a growing field with many job opportunities, 2) software engineers make a very nice...