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Recent content by slavek

  1. slavek

    [WIP] KF-Skytown

    Anyone here an old fan of Unreal 1? Been working on a little project. Map layout is fully completed though some sections are not yet textured. Need to place lighting volumes, combine meshes/add details and zed spawns. https://imgur.com/a/P2nv9
  2. slavek


    No Title Love the map, one nostalgia bomb complete with microwave casserole. Some issues I did run into in my quick play through: *Some times buttons for doors/elevators/easter eggs had trouble triggering on first button press. Felt sort of unreliable. *Zeds got stuck in location in pictures...
  3. slavek

    ZedLanding Waves

    Reinstalled SDK after my PC went out and decided to dissect new maps. I'm trying to figure out how the waves/floating debris work but can't find an actor or select the wave meshes in wireframe mode. Could anyone give me a rundown on how to select them or how they work? Thanks.
  4. slavek

    [Game] Unreal Tournament 4

    https://www.unrealtournament.com/ Anyone care to join? Still in "pre-alpha". Just downloaded yesterday so not much of an opinion yet. Been looking forward to a good classic arena shooter though.
  5. slavek

    Levels Tab/Level streaming

    I noticed that TW KF maps use "Levels" (FX/Lights/Blood, etc.) Is there any effect on map performance or is it simply for the sake of convenience(Kismet, being able to toggle visuals, easy finding)? This is new to me as I'm coming from UE2.
  6. slavek

    [Question] How is music handled in maps?

    Hey all, been getting into using the SDK for KF2. Map is coming along nicely, most of it self explanatory coming from Unreal Engine 2. However there are also plenty of new/changed features to learn. 1.I was wondering how music is handled in maps? In KF1 there was a music actor that handled...
  7. slavek


    Just making a thread to compile UE3 level design tutorials in. Might as well jump this early and get a collection going for all our fellow mappers.
  8. slavek

    [Help]Mirrored Textures

    I know mirrors are technically obsolete in UE2 however I have got them working to an extent. The only problem I have run into is that when a mirrored surface is above a nearby adjacent area, the area under the mirror will be rendered. Curious to know if anyone has worked around this besides...
  9. slavek

    Help needed - Elevator inner doors

    I'm trying to make an elevator with a set of inner doors (so you don't see the elevator shaft) however I'm running into a problem. Once a mover is attached to another mover or is bslave , the X/Y/Z become locked and it can not move on its own keypoints. Does anyone know of an alternative...
  10. slavek

    Editor Tips and Tricks

    Due to needs of a particular map I'm making, I have ended up looking for solutions and seldom used/documented features of the editor. Just thought I would make a list to gather them all in one place. Commands are in Green, Descriptions are in Orange. KF SDK/ UnrealEd Commands StaticMesh...
  11. slavek

    Help needed - Weapon Specific Ammo Pickups

    I'm currently making a mission map and I would like to have weapon specific ammo pickups in it for more "Control" on map flow and what players can use. Currently it seems anything that extends off KF's ammo pickups/classes acts like a ammo box that supplies all inventory items with their...
  12. slavek

    UnrealEd Utility - AlignTex

    http://www.oldunreal.com/tools/TexAlign2.zip I recently ran into a need to use this old utility again while making a map for its texture skewing feature and thought I would post it here. Maybe some others can find a use for its niche function if they are using alot of BSP based design. This...
  13. slavek

    Site Seeing: Moonbase

    I was looking through moonbase in the editor just to get a quick look at the map and found some amusing things thrown in. Other interesting things, go find them around the map: *A video game console featuring a Clot Vs. Cpl Lewis. Unfortunately Dr. Guppy seems to be worked too hard making...
  14. slavek

    [Request/Help] Blood decals

    I'm looking to add some decent looking blood decals to a map I'm working on. Especially looking for some hand/foot prints in addition to the run of the mill blood smears that KF has. Anyone have any pointers or suggestions for downloads?
  15. slavek

    [Crash] Main menu/Workshop Download

    Posting this for my dad. He ends up crashing on launch this morning (Was fine last night). When the main menu comes up, it stays up for about 5 seconds before it crashes. On the upper right corner it says "Downloading TE-Yakovlevo" "Downloading Yakolevo failed". He said he has never played this...