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    Updating -- what is it?

    Just got out of a game and steam is updating RO2. What is it?
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    Counterattack Mapping Contest

    When will the results be announced? It has been more than a month. It would be good to get feedback so maps can be improved for Phase Two, less than a month away now.
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    Texture Pan?

    I have two brick tiling textures, i want to offset one, but i cant find any way to pan other than the moving panner. How do I do it in the material editor?
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    [Map] Moscow Highway

    Drecks and I have teamed up to bring you this old good one from the mod days of RO. One of the very first multiplayer fps maps I ever played, so there's some serious nostalgia at work here. The original is fun, and with some work to bring it up to date this one will be too. This version is so...
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    Territory version updated, plus now a Countdown version. Download links are in the first post at
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    Importing models to RO2

    Once simple way to get models from RO to RO2 is Open RO SDK Beta (that's the one for Ostfront). Open the map and or package where the model you want is. Select it and in the main program window select File --> Export Selected. .obj format. Convert it to .fbx with the Autodesk FBX...
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    New version of Ogledow is available now. Files and notes are in the first post at
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    I have breakable glass in windows. I now want it to be invisible to bots so they will see players through it and attack them. How do I make destructible mesh glass invisible to bots?
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    Has anyone gotten a DoorMarker (Actor Classes, Navigation) to work? I have doors set up using kismet matinee on interpactor door, they work great, but I can't get the bots to open them or go through them.
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    Sound in RO2 vs SDK

    I just installed RO2 on a new machine. I played a few games online, it sounded like it always had. Then I worked on Ogledow for a while in the SDK, hit Build --> Play Map (in editor) and launched it. The game sounded far better than I'd ever heard it. The mg firing especially sounded richer...
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    [Question] New Computer -- do I really have to re-download all games?

    Just bought a new machine today. I'm transferring all my files over via my network. I've installed Steam and it shows RO RO2 etc in my Library. How do I get Steam to recognize my files so I don't have to download them all again? Edit: I might have found the answer here...
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    [Crash] Can't play multiplayer

    I had a GeForce 9400 GT. Used to get 20-25 fps on at Medium gfx settings in multiplayer games. It was slow and low gfx, but playable. Never a crash. A few weeks ago I installed a GeForce 640GT. At Ultra gfx settings the game looks great and runs fast. However, in RO2 multiplayer I now get to...
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    Ogledow Updated

    Ogledow is now compatible with the new patched version of RO2. Ogledow_B12 Files for Players and Servers are in the first post of the thread at
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    Battle of Kursk is here. Player and Server Files are linked in first post of the thread.
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    Many tanks = low fps

    Just throwing this out in hope for suggestions. When I run Kursk with 60 tanks I get about 25 fps; when i run it without tanks fps is about 70. I think it is all the dust created and the tank meshes. I spent a couple of days thinking it was my map, but it is the tanks. I'll spread out...