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  1. Sined

    Artillery without The Boom whizz:-)

    Hi all ok i have a "final"step in my map, i have a low flying plane and i want it to drop a bomb. or two (so artillery is the biggest "bomb' i can see how to make. (side topic if someone knows how to make a bigger/instant/ invisible satchel charge for example that would be just as good i have...
  2. Sined


    from my (hard learnt) experience it would be wise to not have Antiportal Brushes (the ones you hide in hills) touching... Yeah its obvious when you see it written, but the symptom (s) was ctd, even bsod, hundreds of critical crashes, mainly after happily rebuilding a level, and when the file...
  3. Sined

    RO-Gefangene_Beta1 released

    Well after six and a half months heres my first addition to RO mapping I was/am a total noob at Unreal Ed but bumbled my way through to create a story map, and a Game type not seen often Basically Axis and Allied Spawn close to each other for a minute (the brutal first minute) then based on...
  4. Sined

    [Image] Panther and Tiger manuals (Original)

    Great manuals from V and VI as the link title suggests ..unexpectedly funny Enjoy