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    Patriarch HP Draining

    I have seen it once, that happened when he stuck, he was constantly playing his leg kick attack and damaging himself (damagetype was the same as on this leg attack).
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    Killing Floor 2 Summer Update - Interstellar Insanity Has Landed!

    yeah, i was wondering if they gonna make it back, totally would love to have it again
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    Killing Floor 2 Summer Update - Interstellar Insanity Has Landed!

    It's Tiny Terror right now, so new weeklies are weeklies away. Any chance to break the order? And is a fix for dlc weapons in scavenger unranking the game in development or it's a no-no?
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    v1.114 various things

    famas penetration was addressed in beta2, in beta1 it was 2 on rifle and 0 on shotgun i had a feeling that same damage values on bastion shield from same zeds regardless on difficulty wasn't a bug thanks
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    ZED's AI attempt to avoid Ground Fire projectiles but not Residual Flames

    Category: Code. Summary: Looks like there's no AI Warning for walking over Residual Projectiles such as Molotovs, Spitfire or Thermite unlike Ground Fire which evasive ZEDs (clots, stalkers, crawlers) try to evade.
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    v1.114 various things

    Category: UI. Summary: When HRG Blast Brawlers are empty (have no ammo in "magazine") but still have spare ammo to reload, in weapon select card they are marked as "EMPTY" like they have no ammo at all. Category: Code. Summary: Berserker's Smash skill (+50% heavy attack damage) as well...
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    v1.114 various things

    Category: Code. Summary: In Arachnophobia weekly players heal themselves after killing crawlers. However killing any other ZED types "heals" them as well, for 0 points. So Field Medics with buff skills apply these buffs on them with every kill, not only after killing crawlers.
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    v1.114 various things

    Category: Code. Summary: Famas has penetration power of 2 for its bullets but not for pellets. I think it's meant to be vice versa. Description: KFWeap_AssaultRifle_FAMAS, line 653. This block is all about shotgun stats (ALTFIRE_FIREMODE) yet there is PenetrationPower(DEFAULT_FIREMODE)=2.0 which...
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    So when new summmer event ?

    Next merc report likely to be last (map and qol), so beta probably will be on may 25. I think it will last for less than a month, 2-3 weeks probably.
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    Minigun DLC Turning Speed Bug

    One way i'm aware of is 1. Hold fire button and shoot 2. While doing so, without stopping, press Throw Weapon button. Done. OwnerController.RotationSpeedLimit is now 488 with all weapons. Until you pick minigun back. When you pick minigun back, RotationSpeedLimit is being set to 2000. While this...
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    KF2 Spring 2021 Beta 2 - 1111 Update is Today!

    You should open a bottle of champagne to celebrate this fancy build number
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    Dragonsbreath and Spitfire penetration and how it affects Residual Flames spawned by these

    Bump. Would it not be great if Ground Fire was spawning under ZED's feet rather than somewhere in background?
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    Couple of things about Napalm skill

    Old but gold. Gotta bump this. Napalm greatly increases damage of said spray weapons.
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    Annoying "grabbed whine" keeps playing forever unless game is restarted completely.

    Bump, just happened to me. When Clot grabs you and you leave to main menu, the ear ringing sound persists.
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    Cyberpunk 2021 Beta: Not making any progress on the Not a Simulation objective

    From what i tested using displayall KFSeasonalEventStats_Spring2021 bHitTakenThisWave What counts as if you've "taken" damage, might be more. If one feel boring try it out. - Grenades that don't normally do self damage (Flashbang, Molotov or M203 incendiary + 100% fire resistance) - Self...