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  1. Shining Wolf

    Thoughts on the upcoming PVP modes?

    I'm actually interested in the straight up PVP mode specifically because you can't shoot other players and it's based on spawning more zeds and stuff. I'm hoping it's actually fleshed out a bit even though... Well, I mean these are going to be kind of throw away modes since everyone who plays...
  2. Shining Wolf

    Regarding the "No cosmetic DLC in KF2" thing

    The review bombing on the steam store page is ****ing childish, by the way. (Image was originally posted by "Rad Party God" from the Destructoid board, for citation's sake)
  3. Shining Wolf

    Are you more excited for new Zeds or Weapons?

    Pretty much the title. I understand that a new Zed required way more work to be fun, but I'm always wanting more creatures and stuff in games since they change the way the game is played regardless of how a team is set up.
  4. Shining Wolf

    Thoughts on Vlad?

    Pretty much the title, but does anyone else find Vlad kind of ****? Isn't it basically a weaker, cheaper, slower projectile based combat shotgun with ricoche? I don't see any real advantage to the bouncing aspect except for maybe getting some lucky kills from a single nail randomly bouncing...
  5. Shining Wolf

    15/20 round EXTRA long games?

    At least make a mutator for this. I don't really have any reasoning for it besides "it'd be fun." Keep 10 wave long games as the standard for balance, obviously.
  6. Shining Wolf

    Players getting more guns, Zeds staying the same?

    I can't help but notice that since the last Christmas update that the players have been getting progressively more powerful with some of the new weapons. The Medic got an upgraded healing gun when he never needed a buff. The Husk Cannon can stun Scrakes, and the Demoman got a bullet weapon that...