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    VNTE - Don Signh (Donner)

    Donner is a old Day Of Defeat classic, as my unit used this map before drills in the old days to warm up, it became like our map to official warm and eventually was recreated by us when we transferred over to Darkest Hour: Europe '44-'45. I eventually recreated the map in RO2 and now it's back...
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    VNSU-Ia Drang Valley - WIP/Feedback

    Dude, do you know how long they took to make the maps in the game? A year! And Ia Drang will be bigger! I am not rushing out anything half done so people get a bad first impression from it. But i made some screenshots to show some progress: A new landing zone next to the small one i showed...
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    VNSU-Ia Drang Valley - WIP/Feedback

    Ia Drang Valley from 1965: This is a map i have been working on since i joined the closed beta back in March, i was not able to work on it for a while in April, as the editor had some issues, but i have been continuing my work since the...
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    Why is there a region lock on the servers??

    Why can't i see servers outside Europe? When my friends play, i can see the US servers in the Friends tab of the Server Browser, but i can't see them in the regular browser! Why am i being blocked outside the game? I'm from the Netherlands and mostly play late in the evening or even night, in...
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    Adding Gamma option in Video Settings

    This is something i have missed in RO2 and RS, for some reason there only is a Brightness option, why is there no Gamma option? I have seen this trend developing over the last 7 years, developers rarely add this option to their game thinking that our monitors are doing the job now, but i got my...
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    60's Music?

    Everyone knows, that the Vietnam War is well known for the music associated with it with the 60's music. When you think back to Battlefield Vietnam the first thing you will think of is the music you could use in choppers, the music playing over the intercoms in the US bases. So will we see this...
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    Strange light issue

    I am having this strange light issue, nymets already has been trying to help but we have not found a fix for it yet, it looks like the sphere you see of the light in the editor, seeing you see it better in video format, here is a example:
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    RO2 TE-Foy

    This is a map i started on near the end of last year, but got stuck in a backlog. This week i continued on the map, it's a recreation from the map in the RO mod Darkest Hour, amongst one of the best maps in that mod for me! This is what i got so far, everything you see is still subject to...
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    Importing/Exporting terrain from RO map?

    Well, basically its a Darkest Hour map, but does anyone know if it's possible to export terrain from a Darkest hour Map? i know the Ro2 editor has the option to export/import terrain, but i can't find this option in the RO SDK. :confused: The reason i ask is because i am terrible in creating...
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    RO2 Walther G41 sound bug

    Category: Sound Reproducibility: Always. Summary: I just noticed something strange happening while testing something out in of our servers. I fired the Walther G41 and noticed i heard the sounds of the Kar98's reload. I have uploaded a video with the issue (Unlisted)...
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    Missing in game static meshes?

    So got this strange issue, on my map, i can see the American trucks easily, but for some reason, other people, who do have RS as well, can't see the truck... Same goes for the Town Hall Podium from the Spartanovka map, , a Iwo Jima map based Japanese bunker, that for some reason always keeps it...
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    Terrain Material: texture parameter duplication?

    So i got this strange error involving a layer im using: TERRAIN MATERIAL: Texture parameter Duplication - Dirt Diff. I tried looking up in my layers and in world info where this duplication is present. but i can't find the issue... Another issue i got is, that when i save the map, it states...
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    Map stays pitch black!

    So, the map i am working on, had a working light, i can't remember if i ever did something to it, but out of a sudden, the terrain and everything else has become pitch black, screenshot: Tried everything by now, even changed back the old...
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    RO2 MG42 needs allot more recoil

    I am pretty shocked that the MG42 was put in the game so early, especially with the current recoil on the weapon, it's incredibly low! I compared it to the MG34 and even that one had a bigger recoil, the MG42 has a incredible kick, but the current MG feels like there is no kick at all, i just...
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    RO2 No Humans in Tank, but still can get in!

    I just did a round on Gumrak, i click on NOT let humans join my in my tank, but they constantly did join! The server also was half full so they were not forced in at all! I dont really mind human drivers, except they were really REALLY bad.