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    Stat name from Steam API

    Hi, i try to use the Steam API, and Killing Floor 2 is not very well documented. I manage to find those stat : 1_200 Zeds Killed 1_22 Welding Points in Support 1_201 Stalkers Killed with Assault Rifle 1_2001 Personal Best : Pistol Kills 1_2006 Personal Best : Large Zed Killed 1_2000...
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    Force game to start

    Hi, as an admin, is there a way to force a game to start ? With a command, for example. Thanks by advance.
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    KF2 force me to use the 360 controller

    Hi, On PC, everything in the menu appear with Xbox button. If I join a game, the player continually turn on himself. I never played with controller on this game. And it did it even after reinstalling the game, while the controller was unplugged. Thanks by advance.
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    Export from UDK and import to Blender

    Hi, is it possible to export a static mesh from UDK, import it in Blender, modify it, and import it back in UDK ? Thanks by advance.
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    Stupid question about placing static mesh

    Hi. i have a stupid problem when i try to place two static meshes exactly side by side. Its probably stupid, but if I increase the Z of the mesh by 1, it's to high, and if I decrease the Z by 1, its to low. So, does it matter ? If yes, how can I correct that ? Do I have to manually test...
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    BioticsLabs loaded instead of modded map

    Hi, i have installed several modded map from the workshop, but for many of them, when I change map, I got BioticsLabs loaded on my server. Kf-Game.ini [KF-SpaceportPerdition KFMapSummary] MapName=KF-SpaceportPerdition ScreenshotPathName=UI_MapPreview_TEX.UI_MapPreview_SpaceportPerdition...
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    Text in [whatever language you want], voices in English

    Hi, it is possible to have text in the language you want, but the characters/traders voices in english ? Thanks by advance !
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    PvP before Endless Wave mode, why ?

    Hi, I was digging the forum, and i found those two polls. Poll on Endless wave mod : Poll on PvP mod : Adding a new mod before new perks was not a completely bad idea...
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    Next two maps ?

    Hi, i don't find the video, but soon after the end of the Grindhouse constest, Tripwire CEO had said that two winning maps would be added as official maps ? Any one remember the name of those maps ? Thanks by advance.
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    Sharpshooter release ?

    Hi, we now have the LAR, the Crossbow, and we have seen a render of the Railgun one month ago. I suppose we will see the Sharpshooter in the next update. But, does the Sharpshooter is planned in a "small" update in some weeks, or in a massive update with other perks and maps in some months ...
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    28/01/2016 livestream summary

    Hi, my connection was a mess, and i miss everything. Any summary ? Thanks by advance.
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    Zeds stuck on Outpost

    During out last 4 games on outpost Hoe 6 players, many zeds were stucked on a snowy plaform outside near a little stairs and a broken fence. Most of the time, it was Scrake and FP, staying stuck and alive until the end of waves, and going raged.
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    Farmhouse HOE 6 players tactics

    Hi, I know upstairs in the house is a popular spot, but during the last wave, the game send to many scrake/fleshpound and the players are always overrun. Same problem in the barn. A good demo can kill 900+ zeds, and players have a bigger surface to fight, but the same story appear in the last...
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    The Farmhouse Glitch

    No sarcasm, but will we have to wait the next update in February / March to have a fix on the Farmhouse glitch ? Can't play an HoE on this map without seeing people using it.
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    Thought on the new Patriarch theme song It's a good theme, but i have a little preference for Volter's theme. Thought ?