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  • Hello, I'm attempting to use your UT2K4Utilities' BigInteger but it appears to have some issues still. Could you please help me with this? Tried to contact you earlier but you declined my friend request on steam
    Hello Scary Ghost. I have a question about creation a new damage stat for a new perk. I am using a old DB and in it there is a damage type for a gunslinger perk called OutlawDamageStat. I am working on the actual perk and have been reading and looking through the custom perk tutorial post and Gartley stated the you started one of the threads off so I thought I would ask you for some guidance. I want to extent Marcos sp6 so can you point me to or show me how to do this? The post relating to this are a bit unclear from the thread. Any help you can provide would be very much appreciated.
    Kyuzo, U Jelly?
    Lol Kyuzo, you never cease to amaze me. I thought you couldn't say anything stupider yet you continue to prove me wrong.

    your acknowledging that I asked for one:
    "...this is the first time you even mentioned it though..."

    your denying that I asked for one:
    " You never asked for a video"

    To save yourself from further embarrassment, I'm ending this silly game here.

    1) No one agrees with what you're saying about unperked xbow. Go ahead, make a thread and ask if unperked xbow stuns scrake on HoE. See how many people say yes.

    2) You have had 4 days since I asked for the said video, and you have failed to produce anything except excuses.

    3) You can't even quote me the source code to back up your claims.

    4) Why are you constantly checking my profile? Anticipating my responses mm?

    5) Too scared to try myself? Clearly that's the case as I made a video about scrake stunning for the specimen mechanics thread, that you claimed to have read. Oops.
    Yet again, your failed trolling proves nothing ghost. You never asked for a video. You completely ignored my post about it.
    Megalomaniac is exactly what you are.

    I like how you keep crying, crying, crying, like a sad little boy, about how I edit posts. Get over it loser. You are too scared to try it yourself.
    Heh, and the little boy copies my latest post again and changes some words. I was referring to these wall posts when I said that, but I guess you're too slow to figure that out.

    Firs time I asked for a video? Try 3 days ago. Learn to read next time yes? Oh, but you will say, "I finally figured out how to block you" as an excuse.

    Regardless of the fact, you were the one who proposed said video:
    It's been 3 days and counting since you made that post and still no video. Should I expect a video link tomorrow or more excuses?

    Uh oh, using big boy words now. Sadly, you should go look up what megalomania means before randomly tossing it around yes?

    I also like how you keep editing your old posts, as if you can hide from me that you've made another attempt to imitate me. $10 says you just edit post #6 again.
    Kyuzo, maybe one day you will learn how to come up with your own comebacks instead of simply rewording everything I say. Though I guess you are trying to flatter me as imitation is a form of it. Perhaps deep down you idolize me and want to be like me?

    No one in that thread of yours agrees with anything you have said, not a single person. Still waiting for your video though. It surely can't take you more than a few minutes to get said video and it has been 2 days already. Or, at the very least quote me some source code. Quote me the code that triggers scrake stunning, the conditions that execute the code, and that an unperked xbow meets those conditions on suicidal and HoE. I'll be waiting for either one.

    Considering that I don't write on your wall, what are you doing...checking my profile every day?
    Way to hide the truth with your lame 0/10 theories about the xbow.

    You are wrong because in game backs up my claims. And the only person backing you up is another moron who won't test it in game.
    Maybe one day you will learn to read, because I obviously didn't say everything you said, I said the opposite of what you said, because you were posting BS which you claim is backed by source (which isn't). I don't idolize you, I would never want to be a megalomaniac like you, so sorry to hear you wish that was true though, because it is not.

    It doesn't take long at all to make the video, this is the first time you even mentioned it though. The fact it took you 2 days to respond to that statement proves you are trying to hide the facts.
    Way to edit your post there to hide what you originally wrote and 0/10 for your comeback attempt.

    I am right because what I say is backed up by the source code. On top of that, everyone, except you apparently, can reproduce my claims. No one can reproduce the things you claim to "experience".
    Hey Ghost, I downloaded that sandbox map you linked recently in the beta forum, but for some reason it it isn't working. I put the ROM file in my KF Beta map folder but it doesn't show up on my map list. Any idea what's up?
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