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    Anomalies in stats and achievement

    I reviewed my stats and achievement and here are some questions/remarks: - accuracy: i.e. my Mosin has an accuracy of 244%. Wtf? - upgrades: i've leveled my SVT-40 to L33. I had an extra Bayonet at L25. My next scheduled upgrade is a "HQ muzzle brake" at....level 25 :confused: At what level...
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    Marksman Achievements not working?

    My stats look ok and i got some legit achievement after the reset (kills bronze, territory rookie, johnny on the spot and so on). BUT the marksman achievements aren't working: i had at least 10 kills over a distance of >100 mt (including a 188 meters kill, worth a marksman GOLD) and still...
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    Stats reset already under way?

    Checking my HoS profile on Steam looks like I've lost a lot of the achievements i've "earned" cause of bugs. From 35/80 to 5/80.
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    [Info] How many fps should i expect? Please comment...

    My setup: Intel i7 870 @2,93 Ghz 6 Gb RAM Nvidia GTX 460 Windows 7 64 bit I'm running the game at about 40-45 fps on average. Around 55 in the best possible conditions - few objects on the screen, no arty, not moving at all and so on. Under 30 in some cases (arty strikes, lot of characters...
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    [Question] Binding cover to a separate key

    I am wondering if i can bind the cover function to a separate key, not sharing the same with the "use" function. And how, eventually? Tbh, i never use the cover system so i would bind it to a "dead" key, if possible.
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    Lag spikes: Punkbuster fault?

    I've just played on a server (64 slots) runned by a nice admin who is willing to play himself, to chat and to explain server issues to his users. On that server, everything was fine, except for a few sporadic lag spikes, happening now and then especially on relatively big and intense maps like...
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    Finally had some fun - maybe something changed?

    For the first time i had a good funny night of fighting. I am wondering if something changed because: - the game now is a lot more stable than in the very first days. A lot. - i hadn't the usual million of kills by headshot from 1 mile away caused by smgs, mgs, rifles, PTRS, arrows and slings...
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    All quiet on the eastern front

    A bit of "whining". If you aren't in the mood, just skip. Here is a recap of my efforts this night, 45 minutes of play. Usually i play longer than 45 minutes but this time i had to quit, in rage and despair :o <start of whining> - CommissarsHouse Playing Soviets as a single bolt rifleman...
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    Scoreboard and players roles

    Ok, another minor issue and yet again I've to mention Ostfront as a "model" to imitate :) I guess the scoreboard should show not only player names and scores but also their respective roles. Why? First, for coordination purposes: if i am a SL and i'm going to smoke an enemy tank, for...
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    Forgiving needs a confirmation message

    I know it's a very minor issue but i believe that forgiving needs a confirmation message. Typing "np" you haven't any kind of feedback, right now.
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    Grenades should be louder and/or stronger?

    Should the grenades in RO2 be louder? Or Stronger? Or Both?
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    A second review just published on Metacritic (3,4 out of 5)
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    Sorry, I don't like RO2

    First: I'm not trolling. But as a paying customer i believe i've the right to say what i think about a product I bought. And i feel it is fair for you to publish it. I know bad reviews aren't welcome but I still hope not to get banned or abused or laughed at, just for giving a 100% honest and...
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    I don't like RO2

    First: I am not trolling but as a paying customer i feel i've the right to say what i think about a product I bought. I hope not to get banned or abused for an honest and direct opinion. And if you want feel free to laugh at me about my english, unfortunately it's not my first language. I know...
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    Scope details & Distances

    Scope: for some reason i can't switch between scope modes using the F12 key. i've tried to bind this function to other keys editing the user.ini but still it doesn't work. The only way i could switch it's through the advanced video settings. What's up? Any suggestion? BTW, expert snipers: which...