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  1. RiccardoTheBeAst

    BMD-1 from Belarus with StuG III vismod????

    This is a picture from wikimedia commons, well it shows some Soviet BMD-1s in Belarus service, so it's a recent picture, from 2011 exactly. But, well, look at the BMD-1 on the left on the background....Balkenkreuz, schurzen, (fake)superstructure, etc... Does anyone know more about this?
  2. RiccardoTheBeAst

    Tripwire Interactive contribution to Chivalry Medieval Warfare?

    At page 56 of the manual, under "Special thanks", you can see "John Gibson & All of Tripwire Interactive", does anyone know what contribution they gave? :confused:
  3. RiccardoTheBeAst

    Feedback about tanks (26/04/2013)

    I've decided to do a jump into tanks tonight for a few minutes, after months and months. Here there's a list of strange things/bugs/things i didn't understand and some feedback: -[T-34] When you look into the periscope, if you press the right mouse button then the turret aligns in the direction...
  4. RiccardoTheBeAst

    [Image] WWII Photogallery

    I've found it randomly, it's really interesting:
  5. RiccardoTheBeAst

    Personalized mousepad for 99 cents on

    Hello everyone, another guy on a forum posted this beautiful offer from you can buy some products (but the most interesting for you will probably be the mousepad) for 99 cents (about 79 cents for Euro users) using this code: Z099PLAYPDH53 Here it is the full list...
  6. RiccardoTheBeAst

    ArmA II: Army of the Czech Republic

    Did anyone tried this out? I just bought it, it's the first and only DLC that i've ever bought for ArmA 2 CO, 'cause for 9
  7. RiccardoTheBeAst

    [BUG] Sniper scope image "freezing"

    The scope always show the same image (the snow in this case) wherever you point it at.
  8. RiccardoTheBeAst

    USAF's airplanes flying-cost per hour

    Hi all, i got these informations so i thought that someone could be interested by this.....the source is the CDI (Center for Defense Information) for all the airplanes and the Pentagon for the F-22A "Raptor"; the costs are referred to the year 2010, enjoy ;) *Fighters/ground attack* F-22A...
  9. RiccardoTheBeAst

    [Question] How to unistall the BETA?

    How can i unistall the BETA and clean the registry from all the related keys? The "RO2Beta" folder is still in the Steam folder even if steam does not show it anymore in the game library. Thank you in advance ;)
  10. RiccardoTheBeAst

    [Error] RiccardoTheBeAst's BUG report 01

    First of all, congrats TWI! The beta is beautiful! (but bugged a lot :D) So, here there is a list of bug/errors that i've encountered: -Crash to desktop (~6 in about 6-7 hours of play). -Invisible tanks (image 01)(image 02). -Tanks reload shells also when the loader is dead. -It's possible to...
  11. RiccardoTheBeAst

    MOD request: Italian Army in Stalingrad

    Is anyone interested in an Italian mod for HoS? Is anyone going to do it? Italian troops fought along with the German troops in Stalingrad and along the Don front. DON/STALINGRAD FRONT PART 1 YouTube - ‪IL DON-FRONTE STALINGRADO (1)‬‏ DON/STALINGRAD FRONT PART 2 YouTube - ‪IL DON-FRONTE...
  12. RiccardoTheBeAst

    Tanks hardcore/realism mode

    For driver: -Manual start/stop of the engine* (turned off engine will require to turn manually the turret). -Manual gear* (with also manual clutch for super-hardcore players). -No HUD, every available info must be checked in the tank's instrumentation*. For commander: -No HUD, as for the...
  13. RiccardoTheBeAst

    EPIC Lego battles

    Guys, everyone right here, right now MUST see this videos. Also, i invite everyone to post some amazing LEGO battles! I'll begin with the "Battle of Stalingrad" (in honour of HoS!) YouTube - ‪LEGO Battle of Stalingrad‬‏ Then, with an impressive "Battle of H
  14. RiccardoTheBeAst

    Problems that come out with Player-ranking and "server report"

    Hi all, there are some problems that come out with player-ranking and the experience system in the game. Cheaters. But the cheaters aren't the only problem....there's another big problem for which i want to give a new suggestion, a new game function: the "Server report". Let me explain ;) My...
  15. RiccardoTheBeAst


    Hi all. Today's argument is about RO2 sappers. You all know that in RO1 if you want to kill a tank, you have to throw the sap charge randomly around the tank, and then the explosion will damage/kill it, and you also know that this isn't very realistic, not for RO2 at least. ;) So, now that the...