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Recent content by reptilianhuman

  1. reptilianhuman

    "Can't undo during a transaction"

    I assume this has been dealt with here before. Does anybody know why this happens? It's quite an annoying thing and it makes what I'm doing a lot less fun. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. reptilianhuman

    Commonwealth and other forces in RS?

    Before I start this topic, I just want to say that I understand the Developers have a lot of stuff to worry about before releasing and this should be the last thing for them to think about. I did do a quick search through the forums and nothing came up about the topic sooner than 2011 (I...
  3. reptilianhuman

    Maps are completely black

    I've been having a strange glitch in the Red Orchestra 2 maps, Fallen Fighters and Mamayev on the Rising Storm beta. When I play those two maps, sometimes I may look at certain parts of the map and my entire map goes black except for the enemies. This could be a game-breaking issue because you...