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Recent content by RedPk

  1. R

    XP x2

    Hello i have all my perks on level 25 so the X2 is just useless for me, is there eny chance that this week Sharp can appear?? to make the x2 usefull for the players that plays KF since beta
  2. R

    My thoughts on Yoshiro's Steam post (post title modified by Yoshiro)

    well, since year ago we started to have some problems with TW cause lots of things *Zedeconomy *long time till updates there are a lot more but to be honest i dont want to write all of them i know that yoshiro admits that TW are making something bad, and we have to admin that Comunity are...
  3. R

    Eny one have??

    hello eny one have eny watter effect or lague?? i want to do a swiming pool and a lague but i dont have watter efects and the ones that are on the SDK dont work good thanks!!
  4. R


    weapong skin material can be droped playing??
  5. R


    why i cant see the last transmision?? https://www.twitch.tv/tripwireinteractive/profile where can i see the today streaming?
  6. R

    is there eny way'?

    is there eny way to practicaly came back a map to yesterday?? or a vew days ago? i practicaly **** the map and i want to go back thanks
  7. R

    fast lightning question

    i have a outdoor light and its lightning the inside too i have on the house a indoor volume pic to see the setup of the light
  8. R

    help plis

    4 hours and still like that why??
  9. R

    how to upload a map with 3 files?

    i have my map with 3 files the map nad 2 UPK files how to upload it on the workshop tool??
  10. R

    plis people see this

    watchin the inventori w8 w8 w8. what?? I MEAN!! WHAT!!!! D:
  11. R

    what about custom weapons

    is TW going to alow custom servers to use custom weapons?? that will be awesome
  12. R

    land scape texture

    fixed plis close the post
  13. R

    lets talk about whay there is no WWAUT today?

    what is happening that there is not info?? 4 weeks since the last one and nothing and plis dont tell me that the mini WWAUT is info plis!!
  14. R

    fast help on brush builder

    i want to move the edges of the build brush on X Z and Y but its on a diferent wanys i have take a pic and the red paint lines is the way that i want to move them
  15. R

    no WWAUT today??

    today is not going to be a new WWAUT?? 2 weeks since the last one and TW dont have nothing new to show?? is TW working on other project than KF?? this is not a critic but we want to know where TW is spending the time