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Recent content by RedGuardist

  1. RedGuardist

    Hand signals in RKKA and in Wehrmacht

    The thread about this matter disappeared from the tactics section, but as it was very interesting topic, I shall continue it here. There was arguments to the direction, that the RKKA and the Wehrmacht would not have had official agreed hand signals and wide spread usage of those. As I was not...
  2. RedGuardist

    [Video] Mit der Kamera nach Stalingrad

    Interesting clip. http://kinosh.net/news/c_kameroj_na_stalingrad_1941_1942_mit_der_kamera_nach_stalingrad_1941_1942/2010-11-21-380
  3. RedGuardist

    Book-Red Army tactics

    Anybody happen to read this one? http://www.quikmaneuvers.com/red_army_tactics.html Ok... Text seems to be bit on the emotional side to be a research. I wonder if the rest of the text goes on like that... I wonder if that
  4. RedGuardist

    [Movie] How to fly IL2-Sturmovik

    Watch and learn. You never know where you might need this skill. http://www.allworldwars.com/videos/IL-2%20Pilot%20Manual/How-to-fly-IL-2-Sturmovik-1943.html
  5. RedGuardist

    Soviet paintings

    Interesting site. Allthough many of these are already familiar to many of you. http://www.allworldwars.com/Soviet%20War%20Paintings.html
  6. RedGuardist

    Romanian mayor on catwalk

    http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2009/07/21/radu-mazare-romanian-mayo_n_241794.html Maybe he should not have watched "Valkyrie". :)
  7. RedGuardist

    [Video] Fallout 3 vids

    Many of you have most probably seen these all, but nevermind. They sure look good. http://www.pelit.fi/index.php?id=69705 But anyways. I really hope, that they don
  8. RedGuardist

    Victory Day-site

    As it is today 9.5., the Victory Day, here
  9. RedGuardist

    [Movie] Iron Sky, epic film about the moon nazis

    Yep. They are really going to do the film...There
  10. RedGuardist

    Vodka protection

    Yep. I don
  11. RedGuardist

    The ultimate U-boat site

    This is a great source for people interested of U-boats. These are maybe not the most beautiful pages, but they really got a lot of info. :) http://uboat.net And you can find very interesting (and weird) trivia from these pages. Like for example info about an U-boat, which was sunk by a...
  12. RedGuardist

    [Video] Making ads with bunnys aint easy

    These little actors are very, very active! At least on one sector. :) This is a making-of, from an add which was made for one finnish real estate broker firm. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=All_S7zAOYI Edit. Oops, would have fit fine to the random funny clips thread.:o
  13. RedGuardist

    Outrageous vandalism

    http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/7313878.stm What the hell was he thinking. :confused: And what the hell he would have done with a piece of rock? Just can
  14. RedGuardist

    [Music] This years Eurovision competitors of Finland

    Yep. The title should not be descriped as "music" and yes, this actually should not interest anyone. And what about the song? It sucks terribly...:p But I still find the video of the song to be somewhat funny... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TheV9eBTT3Q