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  • And a FORUM is a place for argument. People come to discuss, and argue. Trying to silence me is a complete joke. I have an opinion. I agree that stats tracking should be implemented, but to have the poster dismiss everyone else's ideas is a complete joke, as well as being completely arrogant. You support this view. Why in the hell would I have any respect for someone like that? As well, I am not afraid to call someone on that. I will never stop fighting against someone who would silence another's voice, and if you support that, I sure as hell hope you aren't an American. We shed blood so people can have a voice.

    So go ahead and support that stats tracking, I do as well, but quit the ****. I will continue to support people voicing their opinions, and if you want to silence that, you're fighting a losing battle.
    I would like to understand where in the hell you get the idea that you can call me trolling, and full of vitriol, when you yourself, are talking nothing but **** to me?
    I object to people dismissing other's opinions and ideas as trash. You seem to support those kind of people, and then you tell me to shut my mouth? I would tell you the same right back, keep YOUR egotistical uninformed mouth closed.
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