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  1. PsychoPigeon

    Tripwire Q & A - TICR Part 2 Questions (Post your questions here)

    What are some of the cons to making old games go free to play, games like Red Orchestra 2 for example? Are there any particular reasons why they don't go F2P?
  2. PsychoPigeon

    Update 1.5.2 Is Being Deployed

    Thanks for coming in on the weekend (y)
  3. PsychoPigeon

    Cua Viet

    Version 4: - Moved objective E closer to objective F. - Added more detail to objective D and made the cap zone smaller. - Added more detail to objective A, removed tunnels, changed cap zone. - Lowered NLF artillery cool down to 3 mins from 4.5 mins. - Changed orientation of Recon flight path to...
  4. PsychoPigeon

    Cua Viet

    Version 3: - Objective unlock sequence has been simplified. - Reworked area between objectives B and C - Slightly reduced objective capture times. - Added 100 more reinforcement points per team. - Enabled 5 minute lockdown on all objectives except final (This might be dependent on a server...
  5. PsychoPigeon

    Cua Viet

    Version 2: - Decreased NLF Recon cool down, increased U.S cool down (as they have a loach.) - Decreased NLF reinforcement timer to 20s from 24s. - Increased HCM Trail ability duration to 60s and lowered cool down timer to 6m from 10m. - Increased objective capture times. - Added disarm volume...
  6. PsychoPigeon

    Cua Viet

    Released the first build: SWS: Need feedback on spawns, if there's enough cover, round timers and reinforcement points etc. I put deployable DShKs in the map since they will be fixed next patch.
  7. PsychoPigeon

    Cua Viet

    Decided to rework the stream area and have something more open, challenging, to get across and attack the VC trenchline which overlooks the open fields. Players can move inbetween the water palms and use them for cover and flanking.
  8. PsychoPigeon

    Cua Viet

    More screens of recently worked areas:
  9. PsychoPigeon

    Cua Viet

    Here are some screenshots from my redesign of Cua Viet for TE gamemode. It's practically all reworked except for the church area, I aim to get it out in the next few weeks.
  10. PsychoPigeon

    TE-Volga Banks *Released*

    Map is released. I hope you like it
  11. PsychoPigeon

    TE-Volga Banks *Released*

    It'll be out in the coming weeks. Just need to do final checks. Also - I got the file size down to 370MB so it should be manageable through server redirect.
  12. PsychoPigeon

    TE-Volga Banks *Released*

    Today with Tripwire's blessing I'm releasing the map originally created for the WWII prototype that was being tested for Rising Storm 2. It's been painstakingly re-purposed to work in RO2. It seemed a shame for it to go unplayed, so I thought I'd make the effort to put it into the hands of the...
  13. PsychoPigeon

    Tripwire Interactive Merch Store - Soft Launch

    I don't suppose there's any leftover RS1 T Shirts stacked away somewhere, will send donuts (and money) :D
  14. PsychoPigeon


    Territory version of Operation Sledgehammer - featuring new objective areas and a Huey for M60 support. PAVN troops fight up hill to attack a remote jungle base. Attackers: PAVN Defenders: US Army Round Time: 25 Minutes Direct Link...
  15. PsychoPigeon

    What Map Would You Want To See?

    I'm not promising the map would get made, but I'm curious what scenarios you would like to see as a map that would stand out from the selection already in the game at the moment. My top picks would be ARVN based since there's a lack of them but with so much story left to tell. Highway 1 -...