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  1. Psycho_Sam

    RS [WIP] RSTE - Sanananda

    Its been too long since I used UE3 so I thought it was time to do something again. :o Currently doing a bit of research before I start to drawn up a plan. Started to plan the map and I am making this post more for motivation than anything else...
  2. Psycho_Sam

    [Game] The Spire

    Hi everyone, some of the Red Orchestra players will of heard of Mare Nostrum (well hopefully a lot of them have!) of which I was lucky enough to be a lead developer. Well since Mare Nostrum has been released I have finished my university course in Computer games design and started my own indie...
  3. Psycho_Sam

    [Game] LOTRO now free to play

    Yep, the MMORPG Lord of the Rings online is going free to play from the Autumn. There is still a subscription method which gives you extra quest packs and the like, but you can also earn "Turbine points" to unlock these by playing in game. I am actually a lifetime subscriber/founder, its was about
  4. Psycho_Sam

    [Video] The Most Important Video You Will Ever See

    Found this series of videos online and thought they were extremely interesting. You will need to watch till the end to understand thoroughly what the lecture is talking about, it takes some time but is worth it. I studied Environmental Science at University so already knew some of the facts and...
  5. Psycho_Sam

    Mare Nostrum Frag Video

    Courtesy of the TOAST_KING, Mare Nostrum has its very own frag video. This was all recorded at last weeks Fightnight on the PzDF server, so if your still one of those people saying "MN is cool but I nobody plays it" then you are wrong! Join the steam group and come along this week! Euro: 20:30...
  6. Psycho_Sam

    [Game] Assassins Creed Lineage

    Saw this, looks like some kind of viral marketing campaign for Assassins Creed 2. Still pretty awesome though, im guessing its the first of a series which will be released every week leading up to the release day. (Novemeber 20)
  7. Psycho_Sam

    KF-Going Underground

    Day 3 Three days ago the Specimen outbreak hit the streets of London. The Metropolitan Police and Armed forces are trying to evacuate what survivors they can out of London to refugee camps. However with the roads blocked an alternative means of transportation is required. Your task is to enter...
  8. Psycho_Sam

    Which mod?

    If you could pick a WW2 theatre for a mod to portray which one would it be? Mediterranean (Greece, Italy, Sicily, Crete, Balkans) Western Europe (France, Holland, Germany, Belgium) Winter War Pacific North Africa
  9. Psycho_Sam

    [Game] Batman: Arkham Asylum

    Looks fricking awesome tbh and a friend recommended the demo. Downloading at the moment so will let you know what I think. First major title by Rocksteady Studios, an independent videogame developer based in North London. Release August 28th! YouTube -...
  10. Psycho_Sam

    [Game] Batman: Arkham Asylum

    Cack, delete please.
  11. Psycho_Sam

    <AKA> Battlegrounds

    Hello all. <AKA> is a long time RO clan who also play Killing Floor. We are made up of members worldwide and have servers on both RO and KF. If you want to find out anymore come and visit us at: East Coast Custom Maps: Arcade-Shopping-Center-final BarbedSchool26...
  12. Psycho_Sam

    KF - Going Underground

    [I]Three days ago the Specimen outbreak hit the streets of London. It is still not know what they are or where they came from, the only priority at the moment is survival. The Metropolitan Police force and Armed forces are trying to evacuate what survivors they can out of London to refugee...
  13. Psycho_Sam

    MN 1.4 Italian Weapons Preview

    Hello and welcome to another Mare Nostrum update. In the second video we will be showing you two of our latest additions to the Italian armoury, the Breda 30 light machine gun, Beretta 1934 semi-automatic pistol and the Bomba a Mano .35 grenades. All weapons are due for release in the 1.4 update...
  14. Psycho_Sam

    The Millionth English Word. Noob!

    At the current rate new terms are being recognised by the Global Language Monitor, English will officially have its millionth word on June 10th. They count words once they have been used 250,000 times in the media which they monitor, and approaching its 250,000th mention is noob...
  15. Psycho_Sam

    RO and KF mentioned in PC Gamer UK

    In a mini article on page 17 they mention RO and KF when talking about Steam's Global achievements. They say that only 6.6% of RO players have killed 10 people, yet in Killing Floor 46% of people had killed 1,000 players by the morning after its release. :p