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    KF The Invictus Files: Ridgewood - Killing Floor 1 Total Conversion PC - Full Game 2017

    Ridgewood 1.1 now released. The 1.1 release fixes a few issues that have been brought to my attention. You can see a list below. Fixed invisible doors blocking the player Fixed grammatical errors on certain doors There is now a...
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    KF The Invictus Files: Ridgewood - Killing Floor 1 Total Conversion PC - Full Game 2017

    Full Walkthrough: Trailer: Ladies and gentlemen after many years of development, I can now reveal The Invictus Files: Ridgewood, a brand new survival horror total conversion of the highly popular Killing...
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    Does anyone have a copy of G16Ed

    I need to do some terrain editing, however I cannot reach the site for G16Ed, does anyone have a copy they are willing to upload for me? Thank you in advance.
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    Redirect to: Is there life in the old girl yet? Total Conversion feedback please.

    Hello all, I mean no harm nor disrespect when I place this redirect here, I just wish to allow the thread to gather as many eyes on it as possible for my own feedback.
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    KF Is there life in the old girl yet? Total Conversion feedback please.

    Hello everyone, For some time now I have been working on a total conversion mod for Killing Floor, The Invictus Files: Ridgewood. I will get onto the details of the conversion a bit further down, but right now I want to talk struggles. Please note whatever you see here, doesn't necessarily...
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    KF Terrain info or Heightmap

    Hi Folks, I made a blunder whilst making a map. I needed another section of terrain so I copied and pasted one I had, my mistake was I altered the copied terrain, which then altered the original bit too. I have a backup of the original terrain, but I can't copy and paste it as it just acts...
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    KF Static Mesh import errors

    Hi Folks, I'm wandering if you can help me. Why when I am importing a static mesh into the SDK does it appear distorted? In the image it is supposed to be a square room, but instead the mesh is completely distorted. Image I am exporting it from 3DS Max as an ASE. I get no error reports. Thanks
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    KF Custom Zed, Custom Hitbox

    Hi Guys, If I am making a custom Zed, how can I set up custom hitboxes? Right now its all over the place. I got a tall creature based on the gorefast code and the hitboxes are all off. Where in the code or 3D design would I alter these Hitboxes? Thanks
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    KF KFUseTrigger to activate Scripted Trigger

    Hi again, This is becoming somewhat of an annoyance for me now. Why is it that the only way to activate a Scripted Trigger is through a Proximity Trigger? I want the player to press use on a door that also triggers a Zed Spawn. But KFUseTrigger just will not activate a Scripted Trigger. Only...
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    KF Custom Starting Weapon Loadout

    Hi folks, Where in the core files would I find the Starting Weapon Loadout? Would it be in a file like Gametype? I'm not concerned preserving the core files as what I'm working on is not a mutator. I just need to know where in the core files I can find the Starting weapon loadout and if its...
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    [Game] Kickstarter programme for Video Games research P1

    Hello forum goers, I'm here today to ask you if you would please participate in an open discussion regarding the Kickstarter programme for Video Games, and what you believe makes a successful project. The following questions have been selected as the most popular to be asked. It would very...
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    KF Disable zed decapitation

    Hi folks, the title is pretty self explanatory. I'm working on a new zed type and I need to disable head decapitation. I'm using the flesh pound as a base and I just feel that a zed with that much power wouldn't have its he'd lopped off all that easy. I'm thinking of two ways to do this...
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    KF Workshop content will not download

    Hi Folks, I have searched for some threads but they were a few years old and probably don't work in this instance. I can't get anything on the KF steam workshop to download. I have deleted everything from the subscriptions, re-subscribed to one at a time, re-installed KF completely, verified...
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    KF Torch/flashlight?

    I was wondering how you would go about creating this. I can model and animate a simple flashlight and put it into KF. My question is the coding. I have looked at the 9mm and the Shotgun which both have the flashlight attachments, but honestly, I can't see a way to parse just the flashlight...
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    KF Map with Vehicle models

    Hi Everyone, I was wondering if anyone knows what this map is called and/or where i could find it. I remember seeing it sometime ago but can no longer find it. A user created a KF map and put lots of static vehicle models in it for mappers to use, I'd love to get a hold of it again. Any help...