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  1. [-project.rattus-]

    KF Killing Floor: Incursion VR - Coop Walkthrough Episode I "Farmhouse"

    First Episode of my four part Playthrough of KF: Incursion. Sadly, I couldn't get it done in time for the weekend sale, but still, here it is. Hope you enjoy it. Thought I post it here, as I don't think that the KF:I Forums are that well frequented.
  2. [-project.rattus-]

    Any Chance on getting this for the Vive natively?

    If I am informed correctly, KF:I is going to be OR exklusive. But that might be a timed deal. Any news or plans on going to implement Vive Comapitibility? I know there's ReVive, but native support usually offers slightly better performance.
  3. [-project.rattus-]

    Who wants a killing floor 1 gift copy?

    I got one on steam, wouldn't mind giving it away to someone who wants it. Just reply here or pm me.
  4. [-project.rattus-]

    [Game] Rainbow Six: Siege

    The new Rainbow Six game just started it's prerelease Alpha event, allthough I do not know if it's a real alpha in development terms or just a codename for a pretty early access demo. Be it as it may, I won access via applying for it, not by preordering. Here's a video of my first play session...
  5. [-project.rattus-]

    [Game] Intruder

    Just bought me this: After reading that: It's still in quite early developement, but nontheless it's awesomely fun and silly and thrilling at the same time. Go get it, it's only 10 bucks.
  6. [-project.rattus-]

    [Game] Humble Jumbo Bundle Key giveaway

    Hi there! Humble bundle is having another sale with quite a lot of good games. As I own all but two of them, and still got a great deal out of it, I'm offering the rest of the keys up for grabs, on a first come, first serve base. As to make it harder for one single person to grab all of them, I...
  7. [-project.rattus-]

    [Game] The Last of US

    It's been out for almost a week and no thread in here? Well, I am playing it right now, and I think I'm about two thirds through, and damn it's a great game. I know, the premise of "(not real) Zombies" is quite cliched, and the gameplay is nothing out of the ordinary, but still, Naughty Dog...
  8. [-project.rattus-]

    [Game] Desperate Gods

    The guys from Wolfire (Overgrowth, Reciever) brought out a free digital board game. Looks quite interesting! To be downloaded from here.
  9. [-project.rattus-]

    [Image] A document I found during the demolition of an old house.

    While demolishing an old, rotting farmers house on the premise of my parents, I stumbled upon following document, that might interest some guys of you here. It's a record of the stations the old owner of the home (my parents inherited it becase they took care of his wife when she was old. I...
  10. [-project.rattus-]

    [Game] Dust 514 European Beta keys for the upcoming weekend to give away.

    Well, title says it all. i got two Dust 514 (CCPs f2p Playstation 3 exclusive Multiplayer shooter spinoff of EVE Online) Beta keys that will grant you access until July 30th. So if you have a PS3, a european PSN account are interested in Dust 514, post in here why you should get it. I'll chose...
  11. [-project.rattus-]


    The result of the 7 Day FPS Challenge of Wolfire Games, who are currently developing Overgrowth. Receiver Game Mechanics Overview - YouTube It's very awesome.
  12. [-project.rattus-]

    MS Flight (f2p flight "sim") is out.

    Well, the spiritual successor of the Flight Simulator franchise is out in all it's glory. Downloading as we speak, will most likely write up a short verdict here. Dowlnoad here: And what I don't like: you have to install Games foer Windows Live suite for...
  13. [-project.rattus-]

    Steam Holiday Special coupons

    Well, steam decided it wanted to remind me of the coupons I still have which wil expire in a week. Sadly, I don't need them. So if you're interested, or have yourself some coupons to offer, leave it here. My coupons up for grabs: 1 -33% on any game with Valve as publisher 1 -50% on Audiosurf...
  14. [-project.rattus-]

    ICO & Shadow of the Collossus HD

    As a headsup, the Team ICO HD collection has been released for PS3 in Europe. I couldn't resist buying it, as it contains the two most prominent examples which can be used in a "games are art" debate of the last generation, even though I've only read about ICO and only ever somebody else play...
  15. [-project.rattus-]

    Homemade RO2 Beta gameplay videos

    We should make a thread where people can post their own Beta Gameplay videos, and here, i start with my own first impression of the game: Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad - First Impression - YouTube Please excuse the low volume of the voiceover. Was the first time of me trying to record...