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    do damage to all zeds in map?

    hey this is my code so far class ZombieEmpathy extends Mutator; function PostBeginPlay() { Super.PostBeginPlay(); SetTimer(1, true); } function Timer() { local KFHumanPawn Player; local int enemydamage; foreach DynamicActors(class 'KFHumanPawn', Player) {...
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    Chat Roulette

    so i uh, went on it. about the 4th person in it was a masturbating dick. ew.
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    (WIP) Auto gun coder

    ok, so i decided to make this auto gun coder which will generate the UnrealScript code necessary to make a functional gun based on specifics defined by the user. I was sharing this with some friends, and somebody mentioned how it would spark everyone to start making guns because its so user...
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    Ever Wonder How KFWDT Gets Weapon Stats?

    ok, i wrote this guide so everyone can know how we get our weapon stats. also, if you use the outline provided, you can give us some stats of weapons you would like to see in the game, and maybe we will think about adding some of the weapons the community wants to see. Example- Gun Name:MP5...
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    It's True! Google really CAN solve any problem!

    testing google's outer limits: so apparently longURL*longURL to the fifth + a lot of hungry people + pi = 1.99007151 x 10 (to the 122th)
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    [Game] CoD Modern Warfare

    does anyone from the forums still play this? im about to get my first prestige, 2.5k exp to go. i use: MP5 Silenced W/ Blue Tiger (i need like 30 more hs till red tiger) M9 (for extra ammos) Bandolier Stopping Power Steady Aim
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    PPSh-41 Mutator

    Download: Source Code Download: Ok, so the PPSh-41 is probably my favorite gun ever. I did a ton of research, and found the exact measurements for the code. Now, before you go and try this...
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    Flaming Explosives Mutator!

    hey guys, well, now i've done it all! just kidding. this is my first mut, and i REALLY want to thank yomamassis (A.K.A. John Lee) for helping me. He basically walked me through this whole thing and showed me the basics. Download...
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    What program do i use to edit and make unrealscripts?

    pretty self explanatory. when using notepad, i get weird characters and stuff, i was wondering what i should use?
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    Killing Floor Weapons Development Team

    Hey guys, I am constantly noticing that people are always asking for coders, animators, texture artists, etc. so i have decided to make a steam group to help people find just that, as the group description explains, "This is a resource for all of the weapons developers of the KF community. As...
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    KfDoorMovers unaffected by sunlight and shadows

    ok, so this is really weird. basically, there should be no lights in this barn, because the only light comes from a sunlight actor outside, but yet the KFDoorMovers arent affected by the light, and i cant select surface properties because they are movers! heres a picture Textured: Dynamic...
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    this needs a lot of work, ill post some more pics when its finished more.
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    coding question

    ok, so i have been thinking. Im a huge fan of good tower defence games, and i was wondering if it would be possible to give an object "health" and have specs attack it instead of players. if the tower dies, the game is over. Is this possible?
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    ok, i have put a lot of time and effort into this map. With a little help from my friends, i was able to create what i hope is a fun, and enjoyable map for the entire community. Download:
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    Jumppad just for zombies?

    i was wondering if there was a way i could set a jumppad so that only zombies could use it, not players. In the properties there is something called Exclude tag, but im not sure if thats what im looking for. any idea how to do this?