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    Quick switch weapon button not rolling through 9mm

    Can we have this or is there a specific reason why this is like this? At first I heard everyone emptying the 9mm on the first round, now ppl realized its a pain to maintain empty so just accept their fate. I would expect the following behavior for the Quick switch weapon button (triangle in...
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    [Mutator] ClotsDay

    Simple mutator that spawns a fixed amount of clots for each clot killed. These spawned clots do not spawn additional clots when killed.
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    Player skins

    Hay guys. I was changing the skins programatically and realized KFHumanPawn's skins are ignored. I did a quick test by subclassing ZombieClot and overriding skins(0) to: Skins(0) = Combiner'KF_Soldier_Trip_T.Uniforms.brit_soldier_I_cmb' It worked. The clots appeared green and weird. Now I did...
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    One steam account -> several clients, for testing purposes ?

    Hey guys. Not sure if it's the right forum. Sometimes you just need two or more clients to test things (IE: like damage scalling). Is there any way of running several clients from a single steam account ? I'll go ahead and assume no ... but it doesn't hurt to ask.
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    [GameType] DM Mayhem

    About KF's deathmatch mayhem pits players against each other in the old fashioned free for all carnage. Only this time, specimens will lend a hand. DM Mayhem is a modification than turns Killing Floor into a deathmatch game, but with the specimens running and attacking players. It supports team...
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    Mut: KFBigHead

    Hey. Don't know if someone did this before. Just imported the big head mutator from ut to kf. If anyone wants to have a laugh grab it here. Cheers.
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    Debugging options in KF

    Hey. I've been playing around with uscripting in kf for a few days now. Not beeing used to scripting languajes, what I find kinda hard is to debug my code. After some reserch I've found a few tips to improve my debugging, but it still is kinda akward. Console command showdebug it's usefull, but...