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    Darkfall Unholy Wars

    Hello, if you are interested in MMO's ( i mean the real ones with 1000 of players on one server ^^ ) and you also like a heavy PvP focus and first person games, than this PvP/Conquest MMO might be something for you, made by an Indie Developer from Greece. It is currenlty on Steam for Sale for 19,90
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    Hit Zones-Heatshots

    I was playing MG yesterday on Grain Elevator and noticed one thing, i mostly killed with headshot and i can say i didnt spend much time on aiming rather than spray&pray and alot of times it ended up in a headshot. Same with other weapons. So is it that iam naturally so good or did anyone also...
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    Don't apply Filter to the friends Tab.

    As the title says, the filter options should not apply to the friends part of the server browser. it is annoying to turn him everytime off to see were my friends play and if i might join them. But when iam alone i have to reapply everything
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    [Error] Map Station has Spawnbug

    As a russian some of my team spawned far behind the german lines in protected area which caused a mass murder. Map: TE_Spartanovka
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    Hold this key while you play RO2. Tell me what the grafic means that comes up ?
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    Class switch,

    Please change it so you won't get killed when you change class
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    Impact effect if you get hit by a bullet

    RO is pretty close to what i could image for a perfect multiplayer shooter with realistic background. But what i miss in RO: Ostfront is an effect that happens when you get hit by a bullet. Getting Hit Getting hit hurts alot and also has a great impact power which result in you getting knocked...