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    Lag issues.

    When I find a server that looks decent and join in, then check my ping in player list and it looks good. Let's say 50-60 for example. After a while I check again it's past 100 and in the end of the round it's possibly as much as 180. Anyone else noticed this? I've had this in every game I've...
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    [Info] Tank bugs

    Sometimes the tank sight is way off where you are shooting, sometimes it's off sideways, sometimes the main gun/mg shoots way too low. I mean almost straight in front of you. T-34 turret should rotate 360 degrees in 10 s. It does not. The damage of both of the teams guns is very low. They are...
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    PzIV vs T-34 issue

    I'm asking you TWI people fix this thing ASAP please. Currently picking PzIV is easy mode with aimbot provided as T-34 has very little chance against PzIV if the commander is even a bit aware what's happening around him. Before anyone starts crap talking about you have to do this or that when...
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    Pretty amazing

    There isn't off-topic area in the forums so I'll post this here. Bumped in this a moment ago and was pretty amazed. Not like our PPSh, is it?
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    Run gunning

    There's a one thing bothering me for a while. Shooting while moving should be not as easy as standing.
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    About infantry vs infantry and the way it should be

    First of all I'll start by saying only movement, rifles and smgs are the matter under consideration in this topic. When I got this game I got an impression it would be realism that is important. Now I see it's not. There's people here in the forums who never fired a shot or haven't even dug in...
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    About lifting your weapon to IS view

    One thing has been bothering me about this animation. It's taking too long. There's always a weird short moment of silence before engaging when two opposite sides guys confront each other. That's the time when they switch to IS and imho it looks very stupid. Ok, it's not like ages but it is too...