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Recent content by PermenentMarker

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    New Wolfenstein - The new order

    http://www.wolfenstein.com/en-us Looks silly, unrealistic and... retarded. But I am looking forward to a fun game. I think I finished every wolfenstein to date, my favorite being Return to Castle Wolfenstein... This one looks quite entertaining.
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    [Game] Tie Fighter

    I miss it... I have no idea why all of a sudden I started thinking of this retro 486 gem but, I just feel like playing some tie fighter. Just wondering, would Xwing vs Tie Fighter still have any existence in multilayer scene ? I kind of missed out on it back when it came out due to being...
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    I can't wait to get my new Internetz :D

    I use Bell... I hate Bell. 75$ + 10$ for an extra 80gig a month. Total of 170Gigs monthly download 16MB Down, 1MB up Last bill was 154$ + 15% tax (for an extra 53 gigs over) Now going to Teksavvy (Bell reseller sadly but the price is right) 25Mbit down, 10Mbit up 53$ service 8$ modem...
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    Would you drive this ? WW2 Airbrushed car for sell.

    What do you guys think ? I personally would never ever drive this as my family would probably not be to impressed... (to say the very least) But I really like the artwork. http://www.lespac.com/vehicules/autos/quebec/d-bmw-328i-1998-de-collection-LPaZZ26246092WWcpZZ26WWgrZZ12
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    You know your old when...

    Just in the forum game mood. Feel free to add if any. You know you're old when: You remember hating steam when it originally came out arguing that it takes up a precious amount of ram. Your first walkman was a cassette player that only had Play stop and fastfoward. You remember your best...
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    Crazy Idea

    I have had this idea for a long time and it makes me wish I had some skill in programming and graphic design. This is just a crazy idea, not to be taken to seriously, I am just wondering what you guys would think. RO2 Zombie Mod :o Picture this. You and 2 to 31 friends. In Spartenovka for...
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    Fair warning for tourists in Montreal. Driving Guidelines

    A right-lane construction closure is just a game to see how many people can cut in line by passing you on the right as you sit in the left lane waiting for the same drivers to squeeze their way back in before hitting the orange construction barrels. Turn signals will give away your next...
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    Lan Parties ?

    Now 29 years old, career, condo, 4 year relationship with a none gamer... I am just looking back at the sad yet free girlfriendless days... (And I would do another Lan party in a heartbeat if I could free myself for a weekend !!!) I am sure most of us have been there, All gathering at a...
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    Job and $$ question, what would you do ?

    The straight to the point question. 33% More money, not happy at the job. 33% Less money, loving the job. What do you chose ? Below this line is more personal. _____________________________________ I am an I.T. guy in Montreal, about 10 years experience.about 4 years Jr. Network...
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    A helping hand

    Considering a free weekend is upon us, we all want to have as many new players jumping in, and hopefully this will bring up the population by quite a bit. I recommend "liking" the TWI facebook (http://www.facebook.com/tripwireinteractive) page if that isn't already done and also like and share...
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    Manual Or Automatic ?

    Manual or Automatic ? Simple question for the drivers. On my end, I am on my 7th car I think. 1992 civic cx hatch - 1 year - best first car ever. 1998 civic dx coupe - 8 months - (accident) exchanged for 1995 accord lx 2 drs automatic - 3 months, sold because it's automatic 1992 golf gti...
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    Favorite Holiday !!!

    As one of the worst Jews of this world... I am emotionally looking forward to the impending inevitable future... because in my case, I think it just smells amazing !!! It is my favorite of all religious holidays. There is nothing better then this. This holiday is better then any other...
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    Guessing Game; Date & Population Guesses

    I have not lost faith, I don't see why faith should be lost, granted I don't play that much but every time I do play, I get in 2fgj and there are always more than 50 humans to shoot at. Obviously TWI can't give release dates but I say we can have some fun and play the guessing game. I see...
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    Archery ?

    I am thinking of taking Archery classes. The sarcastic reason would be to defend myself in case of ... Zombie Apocalypse... I know too much videogames and walking dead.... The possible partly distant realistic reason is I would like to be able to defend myself in the 5% worst case scenario...
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    [Info] Minimum Specs Tested

    So I finally finished up a spare machine I built for the gf and the first thing I wanted to test was the playability of RO2 on it. Dell Dimension C521 (Free) Originally came with an Athlon64-3200 and 1 gig ram Here are the final specs Athlon X2 6000+ 3Ghz 89W (ebay 43$) 2x512 DDR667 + 2x512...