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    [Crash] Crash on Grain Elevator You guys might want to up the file size limit on this forum if you want dumps... even zipped its 250k. Crash on Elevator. Had just finished a complete round as Allied Squad leader. Declined a field promotion, move about twenty feet...
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    Clan tags?

    Could you please give the option of adding a clan tag header to our Steam profile names (or letting us set in game names independent of the Steam profile)? I play lots of different games and don't feel l should have to change my Steam Profile every time just to get the clan tag back just for RO.
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    Questions about the upcoming patch changes

    How is this going to work when there is a rifle, three panzerfausts, three satchel charges, and a grenade all stacked together? The current system has issues because it's almost impossible to pickup small items that are under or in close proximity to bigger items (try picking up a grenade when...
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    Coax MG range scale?

    I was reading through the History and Tactics manual again... this is on page 24 under the PZIII and IV gunsite guide (note I'm having to type this out as the .pdf appears to be protected): I've noticed the MG scales on some of the gunsites and I was curious as to whether or not range...
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    Tanks - Specifying which type of ammo to load next

    If there's a way to do this already, could someone explain it... I haven't been able to figure it out. What I'd like is a way to specify what type of shell to load after I fire the current round... WITHOUT having to reload the same type, and then select ammo type and wait for another complete...
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    A little more flexibility in the leaving combat area system?

    Could we possibly get a few more seconds of warning, or at the very least an indication on the map of where the combat boundries are. I keep trying to sneak around the edges of maps... I'm completely within the area represented on the tactical map... and by the time I start getting "return...
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    I just crashed RO!

    Ok... so I'm thinking... "you know... the weapon textures look kind of muddy compared to the mod... I wonder if they're being compressed..." So like a normal dork, I start digging into the ini file... In the D3D9Drv.D3D9RenderDevice section - which should be what I'm using I see the nice...
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    Do burning tanks every actually 'die' from the fire?

    Ok, several times last night I saw tanks and vehicles on fire still moving and fighting. In one case, I hit one of the Russian buggies with a 75mm HE round (from a panther). It lit on fire, and trailed smoke, but the driver was still alive, and just drove off behind some buildings before I...