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    Moving to Europe, looking for legal help. (References)

    I am planning on moving to Europe sometime soon, currently I reside in the US. To be specific, my girlfriend and I want to move to the Czech Republic, I was born there and lived there for the first 13 years of my life. I am looking for an agency that does the legal paper work for you, the VISA...
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    New motherboard, incompatible video card?

    So I finally decided to upgrade my PC by upgrading my motherboard, CPU, and hard drive. Gigabyte GA 870a-ud3 AMD Phenom II Black Edition 965 (3.4 GHZ) I installed everything, come to find out, I need new memory as DDR2 memory will not even fit into a DDR3 motherboard. I turn the system on and...
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    Uploading videos from PS3 to my computer or youtube?

    I know Sony released an update where one can now upload vidoes from any game to youtube. I want to upload a video from a COD:BO game, I saved it to my file share folder. However I don't see an option any where that would allow me to upload it to youtube, or anywhere else for that matter. I...
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    Rootkit remover/revelear

    In the past I've used GMER (rootkit revealer) and ComboFix, which is also fairly decent in detecting and removing rootkits. However with ComboFix I noticed at times it will detect but not remove a rootkit, and it does not work on Windows 7. GMER is one of the best in detecting rootkits, but...
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    Napoleonic era wargames?

    I am looking for Napoleanic era type wargame and I was hoping someone might be able to suggest a few titles. I am aware of Empire Total War, but that is not really what I am looking for, as that game is more arcadish than anything. What I am looking for is a strategic/operational type wargame...
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    Need advice on a PS3 purchase

    I am looking through craigslist for a PS3, found someone who seems legit with a PS3 in a good, working condition. It is the 40GB version, he wants $200 for it. Is that a decent deal, or am I wasting money? Should I cough up the other $100 and get a 80GB bran new from the store instead? Is...
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    Voice command insults.

    Is there a collection of the voice command insults anywhere? Some of them are quite hilarious and I was just wondering if they are written down anywhere. Thanks.
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    TIFF converter/viewer

    Apparently I do not have any software as of now that is able to convert TIFFs nor view them. I am aware that Photoshop and other similar programs are able to view them and convert them, however I am looking for a freeware program if anyone knows of one. One would think a fairly common file type...
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    Digital Camera Help, Memory Card help

    I have a 2GB XD memory stick, I took some 300+ pictures on it. However, when I try and access the memory stick on the computer, it keeps asking me to format it as if nothing was on it, even though there are pictures on it. I am using a memory card reader which is hooked up to the PC via USB. I...
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    [Game] Medieval 2 Mods?

    Anyone know of any good mods for Medieval 2? I didn't get the expansion, I only have MTW2 right now. Thanks in advance.
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    [Game] Mods for Company of Heroes?

    I bought me a new GFX card (8800GT) and with it came Company of Heroes, installed it and the game is great. But does anyone know if there are mods for it where I can play as the Germans instead of the US in the main campaign or a mod which introduces a German campaign? This is regular COH, I...
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    [Game] Warhammer Online

    Just wondering, is anyone remotely interested in Warhammer online? I am, I've never played the board or miniature's games, I did play a little of the RTS, so I know a little about the story. I am tired of WoW, same damn thing, this seems promising, the features being included in the game, the...
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    Bear Cavalry, srsly!

    This: made me think of this:
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    Hannibal, The BBC documentary

    I've been trying to find a DVD of this great documentary on Hannibal. It was on BBC in 2006 and of course I was unable to watch it as I live in the states. I've been looking for a DVD and I found some but they are for other regions, meaning they would not work on a DVD player here in the...
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    A short video clip I put together...

    I was a little bored so I figured I give Windows Movie Maker a try. I was listening to Green Day at the time and I thought, hmm this song would go well with a some pictures, a montage of sorts. So that is what I did. A simple montage with a soundtrack of pictures from WWII. Hope you like it...