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  1. Pagan

    Civil War Photos

    Apologies if any of our Colonial brethren have seen these but I found them fascinating and it look like its going to be a series.
  2. Pagan

    No mouse look or WSAD keys

    Ok I ran both betas without this problem. As of last night on the new retail build i can no longer mouse look in game, menus work fine and all the other mouse buttons function normally. Also WSAD keybinds for movement do not work, in fact no other keys work for movement at all, other than arrow...
  3. Pagan

    WW2 before the war Dunno if anyones seen this but there are some interesting pics.
  4. Pagan

    Easter is coming well it made me laugh :p
  5. Pagan


    Anyone with BT Internet, Virgin Media or Talk Talk as your ISP I strongly recommend you read up on Phorm. There is also an E Petition on the 10 Downing Street website. Personally, if...
  6. Pagan


    Frank Millars upcoming new movie looks amazing. Spartans FTW!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Pagan

    Server Problem?

    Ok as of tonight we have been experiencing a strange problem. People are being randomly disconnected from the server for no reason, simply crashing out to the server list screen with no error. Some of our other members were saying this was happening to the Inforcers server as well, anyone else...
  8. Pagan

    Mental manga golf Well it made meh laugh
  9. Pagan

    Crazy vid

    Now these guys have guts even if you dont agree with them