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  • Kyuzo, U mad? U Jelly?
    You proved that you can use mods. You didn't prove that crossbow doesn't stun scrakes. You lie to pretend you aren't using mods when the fact is you are. I said it stuns them, and it does. Quit making up lies. Look at the poll, 30% of people have said yes, it stuns them.
    Proved it. I already did. But you? You just find excuses and said I'm using mods or hack while I'm not. Really? You want to sound real when you only "SAY" your xbow can stun scrakes on HoE?

    Prove it. Or you are just saying bull ****.
    The video I linked proved the map you used for your video is a mod map using modded weapons to weaken the crossbow.
    You are the moron who has FAILED outofrealman. Get over your extreme lack of intelligence you failure. Keep crying about post edits because that's the only insult your shallow mind can think of.
    HAHA, editing and deleting posts AGAIN, are you? Dont even try to act innocent, you already fail a HELL LOT of times.
    You are the idiot here, using mods and pretending that off perk xbow doesn't stun scrakes proves nothing. Try playing without mods next time you go to make a video. Everyone knows that map is the most used for testing mods because it's hacked.
    Never mind, EVERYONE who really play the latest version of KF know you are just an idiot. The vedio you post is jsut showing how much damage is needed to stun scrakes. And you cant even realise that.

    WITHOUT ANY mod, off-perk xbow DONT STUN scrakes.
    HA, then WHERE is your proof? And by the way, that map change nOTHING about the zeds. You can go back and play with your own "special version" of kf.
    Fing funny how your video is using mods. Modded game files are not proof. You are a scam and don't know how to play KF noob.
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