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    Happy 4th of July!

    To all my fellow Red Orchestra loving American's out there! Happy 4th!
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    Bolt Action Rifles Hit Detection/Ghost Firing

    First Problem: I keep having instances when I fire the Rilfe(Any Bolt Action) were the rifle makes the sound effect of firing, however it does not actually fire, it does not need to be bolted after this shot, there is no muzzle flash. Everytime this happens it throws me off because I line...
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    "Game is currently unavailable" Constantnly

    It seems that practically every time I load up steam to play this game I get this problem and have to "verify integrity of game cache" to fix the issue for that 1 time of gameplay. Then of course the next time I load up steam to play the game I have to do it all over again. Anybody having this...
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    How to download beta

    How do I download the beta. I don't see any option for it in steam. I would like to try to test out patches as they are released on beta.
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    Low performance on high end machines?

    Hi, I am just curious about this whole issue, and wondering if it is still going on? Personally I bought the game about a week and a half ago(maybe 2 weeks) and I have had solid FPS performance the entire time with everything on the highest settings besides AA of course. I am running around...
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    Semi Autos at close range

    Is it just me or are semi auto's very unpredictable at close range? At mid to long range I can nail targets without barely even trying 90% of the time. But constantly when I find myself in a close situation with an enemy charging toward me I find its about a 50/50 shot that my shots will...
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    "The game is currently unavailable"

    Everytime I try to launch the game on steam it gives me this message. Is it a problem on my end or is the game actually temporarily unavailable?
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    Server Browswer list Issues

    Everytime I load the game and go to the server list it fills up just fine and I can select a server. But if for any reason I leave that server and go back to the server list, it will not populate at all. No matter what I do I cannot get it to re-populate. The only way to get servers to...
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    PB Kicking me already

    "This PB Server requires A1372 C2.278. Error loading PBag" What did I do? Does this just require a manual update of PB? If so how?
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    RO2 Free weekend/Guest pass

    I am currently broke at the moment as I knew I would when this game rolled around. Is there any chance of a free weekend sometime soon to sample the game? Also I am wondering if the game came with guest passes when purchased on steam that people could send to friends? I would much...
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    Closing me threads? Why did you bother to close the above thread? I wasn't harming anybody, it wasn't spam, it wasn't "TROLLING", it wasn't offensive. It was constructive criticism at best. Really it wasn't even that, it was merely a...
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    Friendly name tags?

    EDIT: also please do not close my thread. I am not "trolling" as they say, nor am I bashing this game. I love Red Orchestra Ostfront for many years now, and I will love RO2 even more(I am sure of it). However there a few "realism" changes that I am not really agreeing with, that is all...
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    [Question] NO SERVERS! No 1366x768 RES!

    I literally just played the game week ago and both of these issues did not exist! 1: I could set my resolution to match my widescreen monitor 2: there were still the same old servers that there have always been that lsast couple years. not many, but the steady servers were still there. I...
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    Win a Free Copy Raffle!

    For us poor people that will probably be flat broke come release date please spark up some hope for release day! While I plan to buy the game at some point weather it be a month or 2 after release or a week after, I would be happy to see some free giveaway contest/raffle or something. I...
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    False Release Date?

    I don't know if there is a release date set for the game yet, however I found this on IGN: Release Date: June 28, 2011 This can't be real can it? My budget is total trash so I am hoping this game releases soon when I have some funds to get a copy...