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  1. OnCrack

    TWI staff question!

    Since my question got ignored, I am making a new thread, but next time when I'll see devs responding to posts I will be faster in the hope to receive an answer in the sea of posts of this forum, easy to skip. Would be very kind to give some kind of explanation to that, if it's supposed to...
  2. OnCrack

    Can you do better than this guy?

    I've just seen this video and I gotta say it's hilarious, have you ever had a moment like that playing ROII?
  3. OnCrack

    TWI Please let me play my bolt action rifle!

    Please, put this in your priority for the next patch, it's already hard playing with a bolt action rifle in the modern world of semi-autos and smgs, don't give us rifles with broken iron sights! Do this for the very few but loyal B.A.R. Users.
  4. OnCrack

    [Error] URGENT Iron Sight Bug!

    Fix it as soon as possible.
  5. OnCrack

    Gameplay has turned into a campfest...

    This is it, two weeks of beta and few days after release I find my self with no better tactic than camping, either on defense or offense I can get about 30-40 kills every game just by finding a spot and camping the enemy till i get spot, I say it's not fun to me, there's no challenge, I've come...
  6. OnCrack

    Distribution of weapons

    6 prototype guns 3 semi-auto rifles 4+1 smgs/more semis 4 mgs (1/2 marksmen) = 18 non bolt action rifles + engineers, anti-tank, tank crews etc. 6-7 bolt action rifles each team (with peaks of 10-11 sometimes), 2-3 on 40 people server. In every map. 10-30% of bolt action rifles per team. How...
  7. OnCrack

    Wolfenstein upgrades for RO:HOS?

    Since the game abandoned realism with all the amount of weird weapons available, why dont TWI add some of the cool upgrades you get in this game, such has the silenced kar98k etc.? Would be epic :IS2:
  8. OnCrack

    Bayonet is OP!

    lol joke, I stabbed 23 people on station in the same game, without firing a single shot, you guys gotta try the sprint+stab charge thingy it's awesome. Banzai!!! Thanks twi for making this epic stabby game possible. Post your stab kills record for the win!
  9. OnCrack

    [Error] Buggy Ironsight & no bullet impact

    The ironsight looks weird sometimes with kar98k and mosin nagant, instead of being like this \|/ sometimes it looks like there is another a ghost ironsight and looks like this \||/ which makes it bit hard to shoot. It seems like if two rifle models overwrite each other. The kar98k looks like...
  10. OnCrack

    Remove slow death or make it nearly impossible to shoot back.

    Slow death is simply lame, you're able to shoot back with basically no penalties but the screen going black in 3-5 seconds. Please think about this stupid feature devs added and either remove it or make it like 300% more sway and recoil, blur effect etc., so that it's still possible to shoot...
  11. OnCrack

    [Solution] AMD HD series users fps boost

    I had noticed that AA enabled (even on ultra) seemed to do nothing to objects in the distance while still killing my fps, so today I tickied the morphological filter in the CCC panel and suddenly it seemed that AA was working properly, then I set ingame AA to mid, and suddenly got a 10 fps boost...