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    Win 10 and RO2

    Although Im a long way from having Win 10, I was curious if anyone has or knows if Win 10 has any issues running RO2/RS ?
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    Some interesting PC related sites/links if must be moved, so be it.
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    Gamepad software

    Some of you guys may find this interesting or useful. Disclaimer: I just came across it, dont know anything about it.
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    Interesting upgrade thoughts

    I thought some of you guys might find this interesting
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    WW2 then and now pics
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    I found this to be interesting
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    These are the "RO1" forums, not "RO2"

    Look here
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    Fury movie coming in Nov 2014
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    Are Steam, RO2, and Punkbuster connected?

    This looks like something to answer this question, for you guys having issues with connection. :confused:
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    D Day 70 years ago
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    The more you know ,the less you will be at the mercy of others. This is a good example. TWB*SlowBull
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    SSD or HDD ??

    I am thinking of getting an SSD for RO2 and my OS, and I was curious if you guys that have them notice much faster loading times, or have any other thoughts about the subject. TWB*SlowBull
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    Umbra culling question

    I find that entering umbra culling in console makes my game run a bit smoother. My question is, do I need to enter it at the start of every gaming session, or with each map change, or....? Thanks for helping. TWB*SlowBull
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    A great place to start

    is to make the computer you have run it's best, I suggest this site for some great free programs and help, as well as . These guys live computers, I have never had any problems with any of their recommendations...
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    Improve your wireless....ness Just came across this, may help someone. TWB*SlowBull