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  • Hello, sorry to hear it doesn't work for you...
    I can ensure that for two months (after the patch) the game didn't start at all: I always get a Windows message telling that the game has stopped working, and that if a solution will be available, it will be notified to me, and so on...
    On my own, I just unistalled the game and reinstalled again without success.
    Yesterday, a friend of mine finally come to see my PC and first he tried both the solutions he read on internet, but without success: 1. To run as Administrator the Redistributable file contained into the folder [...]\RO2\Binaries\Windows; then he tried the 2nd: To delete the entire folder Movies contained into the folder [...]\common\red orchestra 2\ROGame, and then proceed from Steam with the check of the files of the game, in order to download that large folder again, it was 2,2Gb for 1 hour and an half about.
    Finally, after he was looking for the dmp files to send to the Tripwire support, I don't know why, but he had the brilliant idea to delete the RedOrchestra2 folder from my documents. Maybe I lost my single player saves (but I'm not interested in single player campaign), BUT NOW THE GAME RUNS AGAIN AND I CAN PLAY IT!
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