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  1. nutterbutter

    A quick comment after playing KF2 for a bit

    It feels heavy. KF was always light and fast. The better graphics look good, but the game feels weighed down.
  2. nutterbutter

    You want more specimens? Here ya go

    New Zeds? Here ya go Deep Michael Myers Blob Swarm...
  3. nutterbutter

    I have two ideas for new mobs

    The first is stick figures. Stick figure specimens. The second is Brady Bunch specimens. Keep the same bodies but put the faces of the Brady Bunch on them.
  4. nutterbutter

    Random comments about the some weapons.

    HSG-1: My absolute favorite weapon in the game. It's a beast, shoots forever, reloads fast, and has a ton of ammo. I don't understand why there is a "wide shot" mode. Seems useless to me. Tigerstripe Handcannons: Lovely weapons. They are so damn beautiful, I've started picking them over...
  5. nutterbutter

    Sorry Mr Zerker, Homie don't play that

    Playing biotics and a zerker joins in the middle of wave 1. Wave 2 starts and the zerker does what all zerkers do. He runs way up in the hallway to get right in the middle of the action and assumes that I'll spend the entire game doing nothing but covering him, stay in the intersection of the...
  6. nutterbutter

    Well, that was an interesting game. Saw a few things...

    Playing a 3 man HoE game on Biotics. Killed 5 gorefasts with one shot from HSG. In the same wave, I shot a bloat 6 times with the HSG before the died. On wave 10, 4 FPs spawned at the same time in the room to the right off spawn. Point blank shotgun bug is still there. I also had a very cool...
  7. nutterbutter

    Nothing like a blast from the past on West London & wicked kill

    I was soloing West London and about wave 3 another player joins. We're kiting until wave 5. 3 more players join during wave 5 and the tracer is at the far corner. The 3 current players run to the trader, reload, and waiting to give money. The other players don't show up. The trader time is...
  8. nutterbutter

    Will TWI please, please, please, please, PLEASE

    fix the weapon selection? I realize that a system where empty weapons are moved to the bottom of the selection list dynamically may be asking too much, but unperked weapons should never be selected before perked weapons. Will you fix this please? Yes, I just died once again because I had to...
  9. nutterbutter

    Sound card does matter. Even in KF

    I had a Soundblaster X-Fi in Windows 7 for years. No problems and it sounded great. I upgraded to Win8 and there were a ton of problems. Nothing major, but I had to reset the settings after each boot for the soundcard to work. The driver situation got even worse after the 8.1 upgrade...
  10. nutterbutter

    Come on TWI, let's get those weapon packs on sale

    I want to buy them. But not at $8 each. :(
  11. nutterbutter

    If you think KF isn't challenging, try these mutators

    matttthias has created some incredible mutators All of them are great fun but some of them are extremely challenging. As in challenging on "hard' level. "Give me head" is tough on a closed map, but that's nothing compared to "The...
  12. nutterbutter

    TWI Please Please Please Please Please PLEASE fix weapon priority. Come on now

    On any weapon key the priority should be 1) Perked weapon with ammo 2) Unperked weapon with ammo 3) Empty perked weapon 4) Empty unperked weapon Ok, if that isn't possible, then the priority should be 1) PERKED weapon 2) Everything else If I'm playing support, I shouldn't have to worry about...
  13. nutterbutter

    The fountain in Steamland is death. Crazy spawn death

    Biotics lab has nothing on the fountain in Steamland. On more than one occasion, I've run around the fountain, seen specimens drop in front of me, turned around, seen more specimens spawn directly behind me, turned back around, and watched more specimens jump off the walls around the fountain...
  14. nutterbutter

    What I want is specimen RRR! (Round Robin Reactions)

    Specimen Round Robin Reactions! Any specimen can behave like any other specimen. No more invulnerability due to melee locking. No more having to learn the exact process of killing a specific specimen because they always act the same. No more using the exact same learned behavior to make the...
  15. nutterbutter

    New specimen: Deep

    Deep is a siren that screams only a quarter of the frequency of the normal siren but she is triggered at three times the distance. So why would she be triggered at three times the distance? Instead of the normal scream attack, Deep screams smoke. The same amount of smoke as a fired grenade...