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  1. NorthDumpling

    Tripwire Q & A - TICR Part 3 Questions (Post your questions here)

    I mean they are already done updating it since summer of 2019.
  2. NorthDumpling

    Audio sliders have no effect after update 1.5

    Try removing RS2 in my documents folder, usually solves majority of the issues.
  3. NorthDumpling

    Option to exclude members from voting

    If your clan/server member is being voted out, its probably for a reason. We dont need that.
  4. NorthDumpling

    Update 1.5.1 Is Being Deployed

    I afraid the hotfix deployed right now still allows to use commands to enable cheats and call off-map support like napalm and canberra as well as players are boosting themselves to lvl99, especially the ones from EGS.
  5. NorthDumpling

    PSA: Update 1.5 Launch Issues

    Given the new build is in testing and is aimed to be released in a few hours if all goes well, does that guarantee SDK stability? 1.5 Update makes SDK crash on startup.
  6. NorthDumpling

    Start Supporting the game again

    Wouldnt make any sense to separate F2P players from the ones who payed. Everybody wants to play the game on populated servers. Something like TF2 did by giving an exclusive cosmetic items to those, who paid for the game.
  7. NorthDumpling

    Next Tripwire game idea

    Simply saying " YouTube's analytical statistics" and "trending numbers from various social media platforms" doesnt mean you have a source on that. In either case we should see Red Orchestra title to be next, since last title was released in 2011, almost 10 years ago and even more since start...
  8. NorthDumpling

    Next Tripwire game idea

    "The ignorance of the Red Orchestra is just mind-boggling", thats what the paper says aint it? I thought they respected RO/RS franchise and could've at least mentioned Talvisota release being like the only total conversion mod released for RS2.
  9. NorthDumpling

    Next Tripwire game idea

    Is everyone in here just going to ignore what TWI have said on PC Gaming Show? They are not gonna bother making another RO/RS title. We were lied to about them planning and saying like "RO3 gonna be definitely WW2", while its never happening. John Gibson hint clearly stated they are going to...
  10. NorthDumpling

    Start Supporting the game again

    No way RS2 is going to be free-to-play game. People who paid for it would expect some sort of payback. If you wish to play the game, just buy it.
  11. NorthDumpling

    Beginners guide to map making?

    That one discord server is inactive. We made a better one with people who actively make content and are able to help.
  12. NorthDumpling

    Tripwire Interactive Merch Store - Soft Launch

    I guess there will be no merch for long time RO players huh :cry:
  13. NorthDumpling

    Video Game Suggestion - Complete and Realistic WW1, WW2 and Cold War Games.

    Considering AMG made assets for Greatest Raids including USA winter uniforms, Pershing and M3 Halftrack, it already would have been a good mod for RS2 to begin with even though rest of content would have been placeholders.
  14. NorthDumpling

    Rising Storm 2: State Of The Game September 2019

    Any particular date to wait for?
  15. NorthDumpling

    Video Game Suggestion - Complete and Realistic WW1, WW2 and Cold War Games.

    14 Nations! Dude that is absolute madness! Its already hard of a job to do to include at least one faction with all of its unique abilities, voices, weapons and of course maps. 14 Nations already implies 14 maps alone and on top of that its not a specific year, which is tbh absurd. I'm going to...