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  1. NOD

    Can we get more cosmetic slots?

    As time has gone on, we slowly but surely received other cosmetics that don't just revolve around the head.. but some full headsets are comprised of 3 pieces alone, thus not leaving room for back/arm/hip cosmetics and forcing the player to make certain sacrifices. So as the title states, can we...
  2. NOD

    Cosmetics for different parts of body?

    The head is the base area for cosmetics.. but will we eventually see stuff for other parts of the body? I know there is backpack-related cosmetics as well as the medic armband which is a start, but is there any chance there will be like elbow/knee pads, vests, etc.. even if just for less bulky...
  3. NOD

    WWAUT - Preparing For Spring

    Very nice! Now that they've finally come around to introducing an lmg, I'm REALLY looking forward to a classic PKM being added in the future hopefully (I think the PKP is an ugly version q.q)
  4. NOD

    Text too small on armor? Nahh :p

    Thought ya were slick, did ya, TWI?! xD
  5. NOD

    Long download times

    So some servers are normal, but the one I like to play on is taking forever to download maps/content from the server. It wasn't always like this, only just recently started happening. Extremely slow download times, and I have to redownload the same maps whether I join the server or just switch...
  6. NOD

    [REQ] Custom AA-12 + Bonus (semi-pic heavy)

    Hey guys! So, I love the AA12 and Explosives and thought to combine them. I would love to see this AA12 in KF for the Explosives class, if anyone would be up for it? I usually lob this thing around anime/video game conventions as shown in pics but would really LOVE to see it in KF xD ( shooting...
  7. NOD

    Unknown Lagging?

    Hi, I've been getting this awkward lag even though I have low pings in servers (usually under 50). Players and Specimens alike tend to be skipping or teleporting everywhere, also at times I'll spray a specimen down and my bullets won't register til about 3-5 seconds later.... it feels like...
  8. NOD

    Monster Stacking

    Okay, i don't know if this happens to anyone else but this pisses the **** out of me. Sometimes in the middle or towards the end of a game, I'll be playing alone waiting for someone to join. At the last 5 seconds of the trader before the new round begins, someone joins the game but they don't...
  9. NOD

    More Music

    I like the way TWI did KF's in-game rage music.. sounds badass! Think they could add more though? I noticed one of the songs sounded realtively similar to this.. Hell even the music video fits the kf theme.. YouTube - Mudvayne - Not Falling They need more soundtracks though, make a damn...
  10. NOD


    Just testing to see if any admins or moderators actually look through this section of the forums. If they do, they should post a comment here to let us know this part of the forum is still alive! I know they're more occupied with RO at the moment but occasionally they should check here...
  11. NOD

    Custom Characters

    Don't know if this has ever been discussed before but I'll cut straight to the chase.. I would like to introduce a custom character creation feature. Now you will still have all the default/dlc characters but an option where you have different parts of the body (i.e head, torso, arms, legs, etc)...